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Intense Guy said...
I enjoyed your 25 things! We share a number of them in common.

Hmm... 2 cents for 2 questions? but a dollar for an answer and 10 dollars for the right answer? :)

1) If you could be any of the superheros (superman, batman and so on) which would you pick?

It took several days of research for this question. I got myself to a site that listed the superheroes and villains as well as all of their powers and back stories. After a couple hours my eyes started to cross, so I decided to narrow my search down to just their powers and left the back stories alone for the initial weeding. I got it narrowed down to 10 possibilities of whom I’d really like to be. I suspect there would have been more, but since I’m female I decided to keep the hero the same in gender. I did some more weeding today and successfully got my choices down to 6 (actually, it’s more like 5 because of the circumstances on the one involved). Having narrowed it down this far, I decided if I started writing the entry that maybe I’d be able to choose. However, I’m re-reading the question and although I suspect the spirit of the question is to pick ONE hero, BUT the question does not SPECIFY to choose only ONE. That means that I can put my own spin on it and write about all 6 if I choose! *neener neener neener!!*

So, in no real particular order are:

My first choice is Violet Parr, from The Incredibles. What’s not to like about this little sweetie? She can turn herself partially or wholly invisible at will, generate force shields and she’s cute as a button to boot. I suspect she’s much like a young Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) in training. Being that she’s a young hero, I suspect that eventually her powers will develop further if they decide to “grow her up”. She takes this spot away from her mom (Helen Parr, Elastigirl) simply because she can do more power-wise (although I have to admit, being Elastigirl might make sex A LOT more interesting!). The only other one in this grouping that I’d even consider is Jack-Jack (because he’s got a hell of a lot of powers), but since I’m trying to stay within my gender he loses out too.

The next pick is one I didn’t know about until I did some research (although I suspect if I mentioned the name, my geeky hubby would know the name immediately). Her name is Namorita Prentiss. This hero has superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes and she lives in the water! Anyone who really knows me knows that once you get me in a pool, it’s very very difficult to get me back out of it again. I just love the weightless feeling, it’s the only time I truly feel graceful. Okay, so the corrosive acid and toxins that get secreted from her hands is a bit of a turn off… especially if it’s unpredictable and not easily controlled, but you have to admit having camouflaged skin that changes colors like my eyes do would be absolutely awesome. Well, that and the fact her aging is much slower than normal (a 50 year old superhero that looks only 20 something??? Sign me up!).

Tessa, aka Sage, is another one that I hadn’t heard of before that I found to be really awesome. To have spot on perfect total recall on any information and have a mind with unlimited storage is an absolute dream and a half. Think of what you could do with information like that. Not only do you have access to historical events and events in the present, but you can also piece together bits of info that you have on hand to predict the possibilities of future events. As a fanatic of American Idol, it would be fantastic to predict well in advance who the winner will be (think of the money I could win on the betting sites with info like THAT!!). With a brain like a computer, you can partition off sections of the mind and multi-task like nobody’s business. Who WOULDN’T want a power like that?

Ororo Munroe, better known as the X-Man Storm, would be a great one to be. I suspect if I had her powers to control the weather, I’d be in great demand among my friends. Unfortunately, her power is rather limited to the local area so I’d need to do A LOT of travelling. Hey wait! That “feeds my gypsy nature” doesn’t it Karla?? *laffz* Gypsy needs fed, helping out friends who want nice weather during the icy blasts of December and I look HOT too? Oh hell yeah!

The last, but not the least, pick is yet another X-Man. She is the one I most identified with for reasons I have yet to discover. Maybe it’s the duality that existed there for awhile. Jean Grey could read minds, project thoughts/illusions into other’s minds, and “discharge mind-numbing mental bolts”. She not only could do this, but her powers of telekinesis allowed her to levitate as well. These abilities were amplified to incredible levels during her association with the Phoenix Force (who had saved her from radiation poisoning from a solar storm by placing her in a coma and setting her in a cocoon at the bottom of Jamaica Bay, then assuming Jean’s form for a time). For months the Phoenix believed herself to actually BE Jean Grey. After dealings with an unsavory character that messed with her mentally, the Phoenix went mad and became the Dark Phoenix. There’s more on the link below if you care to read. There seems to be slightly conflicting theories on whether the Phoenix was a clone of Jean or Jean herself. In both cases, the character goes insane and ultimately dies (see second Phoenix link).

Trivial notes:

01) The Dark Phoenix is the character that I was thinking of when I was using it as a chat nick there for a while. Infact, that particular Phoenix pic was going to get altered to be a stream banner at one point. Hey, what can I say, I know awesome work when I see it.

02)The Phoenix (the mythological creature) is what inspired the “Padded Room” title.

2) What one name would be your most favorite name for a cat?

The naming of cats is a difficult matter
It isn't just one of your holiday games
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you a cat must have three different names

Who really, truly names a cat? Cats really name themselves (as I suspect dogs do too, but Im not entirely certain on that matter). A name on a cat is just a word that expresses the owner’s perception of the cat’s personality. I don’t have a specific favorite name for any of the “children” (or “grandchildren” for that matter) I’ve had. All but three of the names have been media based… originating from the comics, movies, TV, musicals or even a twist on names from PBS specials. Every single one of them has been special to me, some more than others. There is no way I could narrow this one down to just one favorite name. However, if you want, I can do a whole entry on all the cats I’ve shared my life with. Actually, with the number of cats I've had, I suspect I could make it into a series of entries.....could take WEEKS to get through them all.....
Ok y'all...down below in the comments, every answer that first question iggy had for me. Name one or several and share why you'd pick them:
If you could be any of the superheroes (superman, batman and so on) which would you pick?


Intense Guy said...

Hmm. *Makes note to self, always, always remember to only ask true and false questions from now on!*

*Checks his pockets for change and finds only a nickle and wonders if Styxie can make change*

Wow, six superheroines and I've only ever heard of the first one - but Violet Parr is a great choice. I've only seen a part of one of the Invisible films - but I enjoyed the part I did see and Violet and her mom and brother were in it using their powers too.

Helen Parr is so stretchy... I mentally blew a fuse thinking about... well... you know...

I like your cats name themselves answer - I suspect you are right... dogs on the otherhand I think don't care what you name them as long as you call their name a lot with the promise of a treat (be it dinner, play time, a walk, a bone, or whatever).

I'll have to think about which superhero I would choose. I feel like a much less than average human being at the moment.

Deanna said...

LOL you put a LOT of thought in this one! Elastalady definitely has qualities that could lead to some interesting.... well.... you know....
I think I'm unamerican. I've never gotten into the superhero stuff at all. I've never even watched a Superman movie nor watched the cartoons.
I think you are right about cats naming themselves. We named our last cat Baby because she was little, sweet and cuddly like a baby.

Toriz said...

Interesting list of superheroes.

I don't know which I'd be. It would be kinda cool - in a way - to be Rogue from the X-Men, because she can absorb the powers from anyone she touches, so she has almost unlimited powers. The only problem would be that this makes it difficult to enjoy anything that involves skin on skin contact with another human being unless you intend to absorb their powers. Meaning, even kissing is dangerous for the other person. If it weren't for that fact then Rogue would be my choice hands down. But because of that I'm reluctant to choose her. So I really don't know, unless I was to go for a male superhero. In which case it would either be Jack-Jack or Superman.

LadyStyx said...

LOL! I'll spot ya the 2 cents this time iggy. Heroines # 2 and 3 I hadnt heard of until I got to that one site. They seemed very interesting. You're right about the dogs, they dont much care WHAT ya call them so long as there is love in the voice. *HUGZ*

LOL punkn!Yes she does ;). Im not as up to date on the heros like my hubby is, but hey...Im learning fast.

Tori: Rogue was one of my original choices...I've always been drawn to her too. But I kinda dont like the fact I'd have to be covered head to toe at all times if Im gonna be touching someone. A bit of a drawback ya know. That's why she was one of the first ones removed off the list. If I decided to pull from the other gender, Peter from Heroes would have been an obvious choice. I hate the character (he's annoying) but the question was what one I'd want to be...which I took to be "which one's powers would I really want". Sylar would have been another good pick but Im not fond of HOW he absorbs the powers (and the fact that he's 9 times out of 10 a villain).

Ok....I just went all geek on ya...sorry.

ChicagoLady said...

Interesting answers! I didn't recognize the two either. I didn't watch much of the X-Men cartoons, and have never been a comic book reader, so I wasn't familiar with the story behind Jean Grey.

As for what superheroine I'd like to be? Anyone that doesn't have a sore back.

When did you use the nick Dark Phoenix? I don't recall that one...


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