It's Weekend Wordle Time!

I figured I'd better get this posted before I go in for my sleep cycle and since Shan's got her's up already I can pop in and sign the Mr Linky at the same time. YAY!

It's that time of week again! It's time for the Weekend Wordle.

Here's what ya do:

01) Go to to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

02) Post it on your blog with a link to Shan's Week~End Wordles or Last Shreds Of Sanity.

03) Once that's done, go back to Last Shreds Of Sanity and sign the Mr Linky that she'll have up (this will help direct those who play along to your blog...we're talking new peeps reading and maybe new followers for everyone....).

Dont forget to leave a comment on the sites you visit!!

My Weekend Wordle was made with my entry entitled :
The final entry in this series brought to you by Iggy



Anonymous said...

I Likey!

Shan G said...

Nice one, Styxie! BUT it's WEEK~END Wordles now, remember? Your post says "Wordle Wednesdays" (in number 2). But I thank you immensely for the linky love!

Hopefully we will get more joiners this week-end...I have one link up and I clicked it but there is no Wordle...hmmm, maybe he just wanted me to see his political blog...LOL

Queenie Jeannie said...

Cool beans!

Ugh, I just tried and that wordle thing HATES me!!!!

Intense Guy said...

I'm with YaYa, me likeys too!

Nice color choices!

And your "word" is smack dab in the center in big bold letters. :)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I love the colors in your Wordle! I like all the words too....very intriguing!!!

(the word suspect keeps jumping out at me! lol! i must be feeling guilty about something! lol!)

Megan said...

Fun one! =D

whimsical brainpan said...

Very cool!

Grand Pooba said...

Here is my sentence made from your wordle:

Maybe storm weather really started young x-man invisible stories.

Nice eh?

Queenie Jeannie said...

I also like how your background shows through on your wordle! It's really a neat effect!

LadyStyx said...

Thanks Yaya!

BRM: Thanks for catching that. I've got it fixed now and since I go to the previous week's game and just copy& paste the info it should be good to go for next week. If that error was there this time, it means I made the boo-boo last week and no one caught it.

QJ: Awwwwww *HUGZ* Im sure it doesnt, dear. I think it's just jealous of ya mad scrapbooking skillz!

As for seeing through the Wordle, I wish it didnt. I've yet to figure out how to fog out the text boxes without affecting the pictures within. As it is, if I want the background to peek through, it does it on everything...*sigh*. It takes tweaking your code if ya wanna get yours like this.

Iggy: Thanks. I wanted just a simple pairing of colors this time. I was HOPING Phoenix would end up in RED but no matter how many times I hit the recolor "button" it just would NOT put that word in red!!

B&R: Thanks! Maybe so...the words that keep jumping out at me are "Like Phoenix Powers" ;)

Thanks Megan!

Thanks Whims!

Cool sentence GrandPooba!!

Melissa B. said...

This is pretty awesome! PS: Don't forget maƱana's Sx3!

LadyStyx said...

Thanks Melissa!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like how that turned out! If you really take the time to look at the words, it makes them so much more interesting.

Pamela said...

turned out very attractive. You could hang that on your wall!

ChicagoLady said...

Very cool! I like how "Like Phoenix Powers" stands out too.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Ooh I like the font you used for yours. I've yet to make one of these things. Maybe someday I'll give it try :)


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