yeah, Im breathin

Just a note to let everyone know Im still breathing. Lots to say and not really feeling like saying it. *shrugz*

While I was out reading the entries this morning I saw another of them "TAG" thingies going around. Three of the people tagged on the entry are new readers here. As a reminder to my friends (and a warning to the newer people that joined up here), Im not fond of them (points to the link in the sidebar) please just dont. If I feel like doing it later I will.

I do have another entry started....well actually I have the pictures loaded, I just gotta write it....sometime.


Toriz said...

Glad you're still breathing. Always useful to keep doing that. :)

Intense Guy said...

I've looked at some new OCHA pictures someone that is still breathing took - and there are couple stories in there - I picked out some pictures and then the words vanished from my head.

Those escaped words are out there somewhere - possibly armed and dangerous! Its Moose rutting season now... perhaps that's what the moose it up to.

Deanna said...

Could it be we all have Spring fever? I'm struggling these days too...

ChicagoLady said...

Glad you're still breathing. Keep breathing until tomorrow night when we'll watch Motown Idol.


AliceKay said...

How is the breathing tho? Is allergy season starting to get to you or have the shots helped?

LadyStyx said...

Tori: sure is ;)

iggy: that just could be it.

punkn: not here. I KNOW what the problems are for me and I just gotta friggin put my big girl panties on, suck it up and just deal with the feelings head on. It's hard because all I wanna do is cry and say it's not fair.

Chicago: yay. Thank goodness hubby tapes Supernatural for me.

Alice: allergy season hasnt really started here yet. The buds on the trees are *just* coming out and it's still too cold for my allergies to get flared up yet.

Anonymous said...

What if I tag you just to be contrary? (I won't cuz I'm scared but what if I did?)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

It' been a crazy time around the land of Blog, huh?

I hear ya on the whole tagged thingy! No worries from me! I am just saying thanks and moving on to those who tagged me. It makes me feel awkward:)

Sorry I haven't been around's been a huge bummer to have to watch the dumb minutes!! lol!


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