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Grand Pooba said...
Well now you've got me curious about your marriages! For how long were each of them and why did they end in divorce?(If that's too personal it's okay, I'm just curious!)

First, I’m going to copy and paste my comment back to you from that entry in here as I’m not certain you'd come back to see it or not.

No, Pooba, it's not too personal. If you can’t wait until can get started by going to this link (it's the first of that section of the blog) and start reading:

Good golly gal, you opened a stinky can of worms with this one. It's a LONG story and can no way be boiled down to just one entry. In the above link, I've been writing the story and I'm *ONLY* 45 entries in and not EVEN close enough to the end yet. I really need to finish it, but I get easily sidetracked away from it (that and writing in it gives me a migraine...). It may explain why I've been having such a problem with my SCSis's situation....because some of it is oh so similar to what I’d dealt with. The main reason I'd started the blog is with the hope that someone else would be helped with my words.

I'm on my second marriage and I’m pretty well certain I got it right this time. I mean, the man treats me like a queen no matter HOW I am emotionally, so I've got it really good and I damn well know it (yes, I admit I’m spoiled rotten). The first marriage began on 16 May 1992, unofficially ended (read that I ran for my sanity and life) on April 14, 2003 and Officially (the judge stamped his approval that yes, indeed, I may be divorced) on January 28, 2005. Fortunately and unfortunately no kids were involved...not from the lack of trying on my side. Anyhow, the first marriage was long and filled with frustration, verbal-emotional and psychological abuse and I simply friggin had ENOUGH! The fights we were having (which were so regular I could set a clock to them) had gotten that close to becoming physically violent. I always told him that if he EVER raised a hand against me in anger I was sooooo GONE. Guess what, he did just that and I did as I promised. I spent 2-3 months hopping Greyhounds, visiting family and generally trying to get back in my right mind. I still have days...When I left...I left my 3 fur babies behind (I didn't claim the other 9 in the house as mine, they were HIS) because I couldn’t take them with me. The hardest part was when I turned around and saw one (my girl!! *sobz*) sitting in the window watching me walk away. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I couldn’t go back if I wanted to because I tossed my keys on the floor of the living room and locked the door behind me. That's right, I made damn certain I couldn't change my mind at the last second. In 2004, while I was trying to get the paperwork served to him (he was in Pennsylvania and I was in Texas at the time)...well the paperwork started coming back RTS. I had no clue where he was. I found out from a mutual friend that he'd gotten thrown in prison...3 counts stalking and 5 counts harassment for a total of 7 months to 7 yrs behind bars. As of this morning, he's still there (I *just* checked the website). I suspect he'll be in prison until 2012. I fully suspect part of the reason he's still in is because of the 15 page statement I sent to the D.A. over his case detailling how the jerk was for the 10+ years I was with him. Well that and the fact he sent me a letter with the divorce papers that read as a barely veiled threat (to which I responded with a letter and copies of said letter and envelope to the D.A.). My complaint got bumped to the supervisor in the prison who formally warned him to never contact me again. My correspondence was then placed in his file and I suspect it's reviewed every time there is a parole hearing.

I’m not going to get into much more detail in here about it as it takes too damn long to get through the whole story and if I went into details, well I’d be writing for weeks (months, years). However, please feel free to go to the link I provided and read at your leisure. Yeah, I know, I haven’t finished the details but before I started with the details I typed my diary in there so you’ll have much of the backstory and a real good idea what it was like. A few that read in here can tell you, I’ve gotten far in healing, but still have a ways to go.


Intense Guy said...


Yes indeed, you have come far in healing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that's in your past and not your present. Bravo to you for getting out of a bad situation!

Karla said...

Same thing I've always said to you about that idiot *hugsss* and thank God you came to your senses to get the hell outta Dodge..and thank God you and Ranger found each other!!!

whimsical brainpan said...

You've come a long way and I'm glad you found the love you deserve.

Deanna said...

You've come a long way, baby! Huge Hugsss

ChicagoLady said...

You've done amazingly well, and I think finding the love of a GOOD man helped a lot.



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