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The next grouping of entries is going to be alotta mish-mosh. There really isn't a great deal of anything going on here that's really worth talking about, well except the cops visiting 2 out of the last 3 days. So I've basically decided to dive into the photo files, grab out a few pix a day and just let my thoughts spill.

This first picture is one of those "Itshouldabeenakodakmoments". The little birdies were doing their typical little birdy thing in the parking lot... and then they started fighting. By the time I aimed, zoomed and pressed the shutter button, the argument was over and the one was on his (her?) way out of the scene. I'm going to have to see what I get when I crop the picture down farther. I don't think it's going to be good enough to post though.

Marmie, dear, this one's for you. This beautiful scar is the reason why I fussed you so much in an email recently. It started out really tiny; a little bitty scratch, no more than a nick really. I got it while walking down a metal, outdoor staircase when I was working at a school in New Orleans. I remember feeling it happen and reminding myself that I needed to have it looked at just as soon as I was done with the task I was working on. I should mention at this point that it was 99F outside with just a 99% humidity on top of it so even just standing in the shade you were dripping in sweat. Even if I had cared for it right then, I still might have had a bit of a problem... just not as much as I ended up having. Anyhow, all the moisture generated from moving couldn't have helped the nick out any.

Standard home care for a small abrasion is either hydrogen peroxide OR a benedyne solution to wash the germs and crapola out. Once it's dried, use an antibacterial cream or gel and bandage it up to protect it. Usually in a few days it gets better. This time it didn't. Every day I used the peroxide it just bubbled more and more, never really seeming to get things cleaned out at all. I even took to cleaning it twice a day because running up and down the stairs and having to fill in for the phys-ed teacher...well it makes you work up a sweat. Day by day that scratch got larger and larger and took to dribbling this clear ooze out of it. I had to redo my bandages 3-4 times a day because it was just soaking through the gauze. Worse yet, it was hot to the touch near the wound and my leg was hot pink in color all the way around from mid-calf to the ankle.

The more I fought it, the worse it got and it got to the point where it was quite painful to walk on that leg. It was about this point where my southern-mama stepped in. She is about 3 months younger than my mom and knowing that I was so far away from family, took me under her wing and tried to look out for me as best as she could. In this case, she said I was to call her dr and get an appointment to have the leg looked at...otherwise she was going to throw me down the stairs and send me to the hospital that way. Yes indeed. Considering that she stands a good 4-5 inches taller than me and at the time out weighed me 2 to 1 (and I wasn't a small gal either), I figured it was much safer to go to the dr.

Long story short (I know, too late), the dr said I had a case of cellulitis and put me on bedrest for 2 weeks. I was also assigned a home health nurse to check my vitals and make sure I was doing as I should daily (boy THAT pissed the first husband off when he was told he had to pick up the slack). The home health nurse took one look at it and said that if I had waited another day or two, I would have lost the leg entirely. Yeah. It was THAT bad. So after 2 weeks bedrest, what did I have to show for it all? That scar which is about 1" in diameter on the dark part and 1.5-2" in diameter in the lighter pink area. Yeah.... so please please please....if that knee acts up again? Don't make me toss ya ass down a flight of stairs.

I don't know what it is, call it the mid-life crisis hitting early, or a second (or is it a third) attempt at recapturing my youth, but I've been all about the nail polish lately. Not just any old cotton candy pink shade either. Oh no. Of the 4 shades I have, only one is what I'd deem a "normal" shade. No, Styxie has to go for the purples, browns and blues. Well, more the purple and brown... I'm not so certain I like that blue shade... it needs to be darker. I'm thinking Adam Lambert blue, if I can find it at a reasonable price.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, bed rest? Yikes.


MarmiteToasty said...

CRIKEY :( all that for a little scratch........... I always leave things to late lol....... touch wood, me infection is almost gone..... until the next time lol

LOL@kick me down the stairs lol


AliceKay said...

Cops? Why were there cops there?

And it's a good thing you didn't lose that leg. Wow.

Jan n Jer said...

Tell us about the cops being there!!! My Hubs had cellulitis and it was very painful. Glad you finally went to the DR. I have blue polish on my toenails.

Intense Guy said...

I only gots one penny. Can I leave a half witted (assed) comment?

I'm glad you didn't lose your leg and glad you didn't get tossed down the stairs.

Adam Lambert *could* market a line of finger nail polish (and eye liner).

Tell me the cops scolded the noisy punk next door.


Melissa B. said...

Wow...I think that's more than an "abrasion," oui? Hope you're all recovered now!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Oh my heavens to Betsy! My husband goes through this with cuts and scrapes all the time because of his diabetes. He just spent 3 days a few weeks back in the hospital over a blister gone bad! A blister!!

I'm glad you are well now because the world wouldn't be right without our dear Styxie!

Dorkys Ramos said...

"Otherwise she was going to throw me down the stairs and send me to the hospital that way." Dear Lord, talk about tough love!!

And all that from a nick?? Scary. Glad to hear it was checked in time.

I don't think that cute purple-ish nail polish color screams mid-life crisis at all. It's very nice :)

MARZ said...

oh man. sucks about your leg...

but happy birthday! :-)

there's nothing wrong with crazy shades of nail polish, by the way

forMARZly yours

Shan G said...

Why were the cops at your house? Twice?

That scar sucks. Lesson learned, eh?

I love the purples browns and dark reds as well.

Martha said...

Cops, cellulitis and blue polish - oh my! Just stopping in from Intense Guys place to wish you a happy birthday! :-)

Sherri Murphy said...

Happy Birthday to you! An Intense Guy sent me.

Karla said...

well if she'd of thrown you down the stairs it may of broken your neck then Ranger would be lonely!

I like the nail polish..who says we gotta "grow up" and "act our age"?????

Now..tell us about the cops.why were they there, what were they doing..Inquiring minds want to know!!

Pamela said...

that is nasty stuff -- My brother had it in his leg. For awhile they were afraid it was that one that antibiotics don't help.

My hands are so ugly -- even when I was young they were ugly --
lucky you... and lovely with nail polish

Liz Mays said...

I like the wild colors in nail polish too. I hardly ever do my hands though but my toes are fun to experiment with. I wanna try some oranges and greens next. Oooo yellow too.

ChicagoLady said...

Glambert Blue, lmao

I've heard that story about your leg before, still makes me shake my head thinking you came so close to losing your leg.


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