I know it feels like I'm going on forever about this trip, but there were lots and lots of little things noticed. Even with the ones upload for this entry, there are still 140 on the flash-drive to be adjust, uploaded and shared! Top things all off, I clicked about 100 more since then that I still need to deal with it. I'm going to be going through the pictures on my computer and as I get them uploaded to my Flickr, I just may do a quick post and share a couple here and there.

I just love looking at the layers in the stone on the mountains. Every time through there is a change in certain sections closer to his hometown because they're working at widening the road up due to an increase of traffic in the area. It's good that more people are travelin through, but I am really hoping not too much is done to change the quaintness of the area.

When we go to visit, we always try to make sure to stay through the weekend. Why? Because Saturday and Sundays the Flea Market is open. You never know what you're going to find there. This time around I bought 2 pairs of new sunglasses. I had to replace my white ones because of a scratch in one of the lenses and since I could get another pair for just a few bucks more, I bought these great black ones with rhinestones on the temples. I had to promise to weed the ones I have so now I'm down to 5 pairs at home (but no two look alike). Hubby ended up buying a new full sized katana and a 3 set of smaller ones (iggy? a reminder in my email to post a picture of these sometime next week please? and a reminder on any other pix I've promised and not posted yet...thanks!).Before any smartass here asks if I bought any fleas... no, I did not. Although I think I certainly could have if I wanted to with all the animal cages we saw the day we went. Only a couple actually contained any animals though. This guy was selling the cutest little puppies. No, we did not buy a new fur-kid. I would never buy a fur baby that way because you never know what you're going to get that way. I'm a firm believer in getting the new fur-kids from the animal shelters. Save a life and all that jazz ya know?

I used to see pretty little buttercups like this everywhere in Texas, however I don't really recall seeing them here in our neighborhood. Then again, I haven't been out much since we got back thanks to this friggin arm that likes to flare up when I go out in the sun. I got talking to mom last night and through her, daddy sent a website to check out. The clothing is very expensive, but from what I hear it's worth it because the fabric is specially made to block out the UV rays. Ok, if you say so, I'd think anything long-sleeved would pretty much do that....? Not that I really want to resort to long sleeves in the summertime just so I can go outside and enjoy the sun.
Well, anyhow.... I did some wandering on the home property in a couple of areas that I normally don't go because I just don't have any real purpose to be there. However, since I was learning the "Pay attention to the small stuff" lesson, I decided to take a walk behind their shed to see if there were other flowers worth snapping. When that was a relatively fruitless trip (there was only one back there that I hadn't already clicked from elsewhere in the yard), I decided to take a walk along the back fenceline. You see, there's a barbed wire fence between the back end of the family property and the pasture of a farmer the next lot over. I found lots and lots of daisies growing there so I just HAD to grab a few shots. That one that is presently in the banner (at the time of this posting it's a daisy with a bug on it...just in case it gets changed *again* before you read this), was shot with this grouping. There was just something about the sunny little daisies contrasting with the harshness of the rusty barbed wire that I found so appealing.

A bit later that afternoon, The Neph came running into the house where I was seated, doing some needlework, and said that I had to come outside. His uncle (hubby) sent him to get me because I "had to see this". Well knowing the Neph, it was hubby's idea to get me but there may not really be anything to see. I grabbed my camera anyhow. By the time I got to the back porch, the Neph was already down the stairs and across the yard (the kid's fast). I watched for several minutes....ok maybe it was a half hour or they played. Actually, the Neph played while grampa (dad) and uncle (hubby) looked on. Hubby made several trips up and down the little hill back there helping The Neph get his ride-on toys up where he needed them to be. It must have been nice for him because grampa (dad) just can't seem to keep up as well as he used to anymore.

As you can see, hubby was thoroughly enjoying himself. Yeah, that's a ciggie in his hand, I wish he'd quit. He's at least thoughtful about it and tries really hard to make sure he's the one downwind so the smoke doesn't bother anyone else. Anyway, this has got to be one of my favorite pictures this trip (with the exception of that damned cig). Why? Well, you'd need to know that getting a picture with him smiling is like pulling teeth. I have to threaten to tickle him (and sometimes actually do it) in order to get a smile on his face. With this one, I didn't have to do a blessed thing. Not that threatening him would have done any good with me all the way up on the back porch and him a good 30-40 meters away. He was just so relaxed and having so much fun with the Neph, that the smile came rather naturally. He's gonna make a great daddy someday.....

On this trip, not only was Hardees the bane of my existance (every.damned.morning.), but McDonald's got to be that way with supper. Why? Because that's where the Neph wanted to go and since he was staying at gramma and grampa's with us because we don't get to see him that often *sigh*. Thank goodness for salads. Since we're not in often, the Neph likes to "act out" or show off while we're there....just to see what he can get away with doing because we're guests. As you can see, he was really full of it this evening. I'm not sure who was having the better time; him, hubby or the older gentleman in the background.....the look on HIS face was priceless.

We got about another couple entries coming on this. I have pictures of the walk through town that hubby and I made and a few wrap up photos. I've got other pix to share that I clicked after we got back...just little odds and ends. If you simply cannot wait to see the rest of the trip pix...they're in the Flickr account. The link is to the right.

I also wanna apologize for not getting around to all of the blogs yesterday. There were over 100 pictures left from the trip and I got sidetracked getting them loaded, labeled and sorted. Today I gotta get the time codes adjusted on them. It's a rather big job so I may not make it in today either, I'm not sure. It all depends on how fast we get the errands and stuff done today. The blogs I did manage to peek in on made me very happy though. I seemed to have hit the trifecta I was mentioned in at least 3 blogs because of submissions I'd made. Thank you iggy, RedPen and MsHLP for making my day!


Intense Guy said...

Lady Styx,

You don't need thank me. It is I thank need to thank YOU. Your contributions, the ones that you unelegantly call "sh*t stirring" and I consider creative moose food - probably fuel and/or shape 60-70% or more of my blog entries. Your encouragement to let the freak flag fly has made many of my grim mornings turn into minutes and hours of gruffawing, snorts, and out and out side-splitting laughter.

Your thoughtfulness, like sharing things like that heart shaped Yaya Flower that appears in your photostream (at the moment) and (Linked Here) for when it is replaced by another great photo, makes blogging fun and makes people "feel good".

You are like that magic ingredient that your husband and "neph" found in that McDee's happy meal.

Grand Pooba said...

You're just like me, I can't fit a whole vacation into one post! I'm so enjoying the pictures! Love the buttercups and Hardees? I haven't had Hardees since I was a kid!

Pop and Ice said...

Great photos of your hubby, even with the *offensive cigarette*. Yeah, you gotta get him to quit! You don't want the emphysema, cancer and dying young thing! Tell him I said so!

It sounds like you had a fab vacation with family and that is always precious time.

Toriz said...

It sounds to me like you and the hubby had a fantastic time, and I see no reason why you shouldn't post about it. And, if it takes several posts to do so, so be it!

Deanna said...

I'm enjoying the pictures and hubby and neph definitely look like some serious bonding is going on. They look mighty happy.

And Ranger - QUIT SMOKING!!!!! It isn't good for you and Styxie needs you around.

Liz Mays said...

I like the contrast of the daisies and the barbed wire too!

Yep, you gotta get your sweetie to quit the smoking. I love the smiles the nephew drew out of him.

I love the flowers in the flikr account too, especially the orange ones!

PS. I really want to kill that bug on your flower up there.

MarmiteToasty said...

Loverly photos, and a loverly family...... I LOVE looking at holiday photos lol....


Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love the healthy eating habits that naturally come along with vacation?

Whenever I drive by rock walls like that I have this fear that rock is going to come tumbling down on me. Seriously. I've this fear ever since I was a kid. Wow, I'm weird.

Melissa B. said...

Buttercups & Daisies...what more is there to say? We'll be journeying over some rough terrain to take Ella Una to law school soon. Hope I can get some Superior Snaps like these!

ChicagoLady said...

Very nice pictures. Hubby does definitely look happy in the one picture. Maybe you can photoshop the ciggie out of it? LOL

I love daisies, and you did a great job with the barb wire and grass as a contrast.

So there wasn't really anything specific you were dragged outside to see? Except the three boys playing together?


AliceKay said...

Great pics of the hubby. He looks quite happy and content.


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