Two days in a row!

Holy cow...we've had sun two days in a row. Beautiful blue skies, nice puffy clouds....the only problem with today is that it's humid but that's because of the rain of nearly Biblical proportions that we've had lately (well it did rain for over 40 and on, granted, but it rained!). I wish I could post a couple pix I took yesterday and today but the cord that attaches from my camera to my computer is acting up (thanks to my cat who decided it was a toy) and I cant get them off the camera disc to post them. Maybe when hubby wakes up he can fanangle it for me. If I could just figure out what position that cord needs to be in to work I'd redneck fix it (use duct tape). Ahh well.

Thursday I went in for my ct scan. I was worried because the work order said "with contrast" so I was expecting a shot of something radioactive or some sort to provide the "contrast". Thankfully there was no shots (as my SCSis would say...hoo-RAY hoo-RAY!!). I havent gotten the paperwork on my blood work from over 2 weeks ago but Im thinking she may be holding off until she gets the results of the ct so she can put it all on one paper.

Had my first PT on Thursday also. God I was so tired afterwards. Who knew just being poked and prodded could tire someone out so much? The therapist I had said it's going to take a couple seesions before they figure out what's wrong with that spot. She suspects that I did something to a joint in my back and that's why the muscle seized protection for the joint. Sitting and doing nothing much and babying it just makes it worse as the muscle wont relax until the problem is fixed. They'd like to see me in 3 times a week but it's $30 a pop everytime I go in. Besides 3 times a week just isnt do-able as 01) I dont drive (yeah I know I gotta fix that) and 02) there isnt anything in the line of public transport in my area (short of taxis which means more money to go to therapy on hubby's work days). So Im stuck going just once a week but I get hour sessions...I guess that'll work. I'll have a new therapist when I go next as this week was the one gal's last week. Bummer. She did send me off with an exercise to start doing two-three times every day. I'll be going every Friday for the next 3 weeks and on Thursday the 4th (as the therapist I've been assigned has that Friday off).

Had a friend ask me to set up a MySpace account for her to use for her volunteer work so Ive been busy the last couple days getting that set. I think I have the last tweaks on it at this point but wont know until she gives me a jingle. We were trying to work on it earlier *BUT* MySpace was being a dink and giving me an error. I checked my other two accounts and it was doing it on those two so I just stepped away for a few before trying again. I got it fixed about 30 minutes after I got off the phone with her.

Yesterday, my SCSis called and asked me to check out the site she's been working on (these things come in 3's right?). It looked really good considering she has no experience short of working an email program. Im so proud of her. She was having one small problem making links on each page for the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) as when she put them on it ruined the flow of the page. After a few minutes I simply asked, "why not make a whole new page for them?" I explained that when the people are shopping, 9 out of 10 times they really dont think to look at a MSDS at that point. When's the time they're going to be frantic for them? When there's an emergency or an audit. So place the link on the front page and put all the links to each MSDS on the respective page. That way they can print what they want when they need it. Simple fix. She pitched the idea to her boss and he loved it so I get a call back telling me thanks because I made her look very smart. LOL

Not much happened Friday except it was dry enough for hubby to tame the jungle out back. Summertime is usually so dry here that you can mow once every month...every 2 weeks at the earliest. So far he's had to fire up the mower every week (when it manages to be dry enough out). The comics posted are from Thursay and Friday this week. How appropriate! Other than that not much going on yesterday or today as hubby was trying to put his body back on the night schedule as I was attempting to keep myself on a regular schedule. It's been the pits as Im up and ready to do stuff and he's still sleeping. This is NOT gonna be conducive to baby making for sure as there arent too many hours where we are up and going (dont forget willing) at the same time. I may have to put myself on the night schedule like it or not. On the otherhand, I've got some peace and quiet while I try to blog or work on projects. Plus I can really stretch out in bed....I can get about 5 hrs or so of deep sleep as I dont seem to toss and turn nearly as much.


Toriz said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy!

Hope the tests show what you want them too.

ChicagoLady said...

LOVED the comics! You're right, they are VERY appropriate!

I keep thinking I need to learn how to do webpages and stuff. I think I'd be good at it. Shrugs.

I agree with the idea about the separate page for the MSDS sheets. One of the mills I deal with has that, a link on the main page, then links on that next page to get you to all the individual MSDS sheets.

ChicagoLady said...

Oh yeah, glad they didn't need to use contrast medium on you for the CT scan. Keeping my fingers crossed for positive results on everything. Hope your back feels better soon with the PT.

LadyStyx said...

Tori...not much. Like I told Chicago once I just flesh out the stories with all the details. Makes for a better entry. Besides if I give the Cliff Notes version half of those that read here are going to ask for details anyhow!

Chicago... the timing was perfect for those comics. Ive noticed most times I can find something close to what's goin on in life in the "educationals". Take For Better, For Worse. Everytime the older boy and his wife get preggers my SIL gets knocked up too. I told my mom that I'll know another kid's on the way if I read it in the funnies. LOL

Yes I bet you'd be good at the web pages. You never know til you try. It's only a bit more difficult than what we're doing on Blogger for most part. Good place to practice is on MySpace.

Also glad to not have the contrast. I heard that crap can make you feel ill for a day or so afterwards. With any luck this week I'll have some results come in. If not by Friday then I'll call the doctor's office and ask for them.


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