Same ole same ole

So I have been doing my exercises everyday, twice a day (cat/camel demonstrated). I dont feel anything much different in that spot. The only difference Im feeling is the lower back isnt liking things too much the last few days. It's not my time of month so Im thinking that the extra movements daily pretty much have it upset. Im looking forward to PT tomorrow though because I want to talk to Joey (may as well start using his name, I have a hunch I'll be seeing alot of him for a while) about that one accident I was telling y'all about in the Padded Room and see if that could possibly be part of the problem. Im betting he's going to tell me yes.

We've had a mixed bag type of day. One minute it's bright and sunny but humid, then the next minutes it's raining. Not a long storm, just a brief shower with HUGE raindrops. Then we get sun again with the humidity. Been like this off and on all day. Hubby's been outside mowing around the raindrops. He got to the point of wanting to stop for the day and hold the rest for two weeks as the grass doesnt usually grow too fast in the summer (usually it's all burnt out). Then he made the mistake of asking my opinion. I told him if he was going to definitely mow next week to hold it but I didnt believe the lawn was going to hold off two weeks (we nearly lose the dog in the grass as it is). It definitely wouldnt hold if we keep getting the rain like we have been. I guess he checked the weather reports for the next week and we're supposed to get rain again because he's outside finishing it up.

According to hubby he's back on days starting August 5th. I cant wait. The money differential means nothing to me when I cant see my guy more than 20 minutes on any given day. I am so glad I dont work because it'd be a whole lot worse Im sure. I hope his buddy had a good month on days because you know for sure I'll fuss nexttime it's suggested. Although I do admit, I've had more time to write in here with him on nights.....not to mention time to update my other MySpace (yeah Im geeky enough to have 2 accounts and no I dont have the link up on the front page of Blogger...yet). It started out as a place for all my crafts in an effort to sell them but I wasnt getting enough hits so I made it into yet ANOTHER personal spot. Havent decided what to do with it though. I'll probably keep it to travel pix and crafts...who knows.
Looking forward the that first weekend in August. Hubby's still planning on making that trip to Tyler so we can see Squint. It's just for overnight and I'll be back on Saturday in time to stream. WHOOT WHOOT! I cant wait.


ChicagoLady said...

We had a horrendous storm go through last night, but it's finally cleared up, cooled off, and we're set for a beautiful weekend. Hope you do too!

LadyStyx said...

Not MSN page is showing storms again. With my location storms are prone to cropping up overhead at a moment's notice so who knows. So long as I can stream my spot tomorrow I'll be happy!!


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