Yeah...I pretty much feel THAT tired. I actually got to bed at a fairly reasonable hour last night (1 am as opposed to just crawling in at 230 or 3am) and had lights out about an hour or so later. All in all pretty damn early for when he works nights (when I generally dont hit the sack until 330-4am and watch 2 hours of tv before falling asleep). I managed to catch about 5 hours before he came home. Normally, anyone coming home at that hour wont bother me as Im the type when Im tired to sleep through next to anything. I've been known to sleep through the alarm, him getting up and dressed and out the door. Ive been known to be so asleep I dont even feel him get into bed (even though he has a habit of leaning over and kissing me goodnight). I have even been known to sleep through a mild earthquake and bad construction zones where the road's all torn up. *HOWEVER* there is this 4 legged beast of his that is going to find me stuffing her squeaky chew toy up her ass one of these days. Invariably, when he comes home...*HIS* 4 legged wonder child likes to commense ripping up and down the hallway like it's the Indianapolis 500 or something. She sounds like a damn elephant (she's a 10 pound chihuahua). If that isnt bad she grabs her chewy toy and squeaks it and beats it all over the floor until she hits this Nirvana of sorts (one pictured isnt the offending toy...that's the one I got lucky enough she ripped apart so I could get the noise maker out ). It doesnt help to lock it in the livingroom because when he gets home and removes the babygate, that's the first thing she goes for. Ive tried putting it out of reach but I swear the cat's in a conspiracy with her and manages to pull it down no matter where I put it. Im beginning to wonder what the toy is made out of because the squeaker still works on it. Usually after a few days the squeakers give out...well except the one other but thankfully she tore that to hell and I was able to retrieve the annoying noisemaker out. This one, however, seems to be made of some in destructible fabric...definitely well made. Today she was particularly bad with the noise so instead of falling back to sleep as I usually do and sleeping til noon, I was up at 8am and couldnt get back to sleep. By 9am I gave up and just got out of bed.

Got a nice note from my friends in the band saying they missed me and maybe I could make the Tyler performance. Tyler's 2 hrs away so it's pretty much an over night trip for us as the band wont hit the stage until nearly midnight. The funny thing is...when I had been writing them a couple months back they'd said they were working on maybe an August showing in Dallas. I told them to shoot for August 3rd as it would be an awesome way to spend my birthday. Go figure the Tyler trip is ...on August 3rd. I've made it pretty clear to hubby I - WANT- to -BE-there. Period. With any luck he'll be on days again by then and wont need to work Saturday at all. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Feeling better today. I hate when my body doesnt follow proper scheduling practices. When it finally does what it should I end up so damn sick for a couple days and then *poof* all gone. I just hope Im not still feeling still on Friday when I go to therapy. Im doing that exercise but Im not noticing any difference to be honest. If anything my arms and shoulders are aching more and the spot that I went in for originally hasnt had any change. My luck they'll tell me I've got arthritis in the back and there aint much they can do. Ahh well.

We've got scattered storms in the forecast again this week. Last night we had some thunderboomers but they lasted only an hour or so. The creek around the corner from us is already starting to dry up. So long as we get a little rain daily the grass should stay ok in the yard. We're about ready to rent some goats though with as often as we're having to mow. Im not going to complain though because I'd rather the grass be green than the summer and winter brown we get normally.


ChicagoLady said...

Glad you're feeling better, but wish the exercises were helping, not hurting.

We've had some doozy storms the last couple days, of course they show up right during rush hour. I think they're done at least until next week.

I would think you'd want to get to bed earlier, so you're not getting only 5 hours of sleep before he gets home. Especially if the dog makes that much noise, lol. And I thought you mentioned you would sleep better without him in the bed with you?

LadyStyx said...

01) One must convince body it's time for bed. As a night owl, this is next to impossible.

02) One must also convince the mind it's time to slow down and go into sleep mode. Again refer to #1.

I actually do sleep better without him as for those 5 hours I wake only once to roll over (more room in bed, dont need to be careful rolling over). When he's in bed Im awake 3-5 times to change position because I have less space to move in (gotta make sure I dont smack him in the face or fall the other direction off the bed)and if Im not changing position then Im awake because an arm fell asleep and I have to restore circulation (which I dont seem to lose when he's not in bed with me...yeah...he's a bed hog).

Toriz said...

I can sleep through just about anything too. I'm one of those people that if you ask me if I'm asleep and I say "Yes" I'm telling the truth. I'll actually tell you in my sleep that I'm asleep. Aparently you can have a full blown conversation with me in my sleep. Only differences between when I'm asleep and when I'm awake are that when I'm asleep I a: don't remember even talking to you when I wake up, and b: will answer any question 100% truthfully, even if I've been avoiding answering it while I'm awake. Which is a bit of a pain really, because if I've been keeping something from someone, they just have to catch me when I'm asleep and they can find out the answer, they just need to ask the right question. Damn!

Anyway, didn't you know that cats love to see humans getting annoyed at dogs? You put something up out of the dog's rach, and you're just asking for the cat to help the dog get it back. LOL!

LadyStyx said...

Dang Tori...am so glad Im not like that. At least so far's I know Im not. As a kid I used to talk in my sleep but hubby aint mentioned it so maybe I grew out of it (or possibly he's snoring so loud he cant hear me). I know when Im in the 3/4 sleep state I tend to mutter so even if I was saying something important no one would know! LOL.

The trick was to hide it so kitty didnt notice and neither has hubby. I've had about 18 hours squeak free right now. Im kind of liking it. When hubby goes to work Sunday night I think Im ripping the seam open and removing the noise maker.


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