Got my results

Well, I got some of them at least. The dr said my blood work looks good, but I dont think so...the numbers are higher than last year. Considering I'm as heavy as I am....maybe it aint so bad.

Total cholesterol is a 202 (18 months ago it was a 198 )

Triglycerides are at 168 ( 18 months ago they were a 146 )

HDL is a 42 (18 months ago they were at 41 )

LDL is a 126 (18 months ago that was at a 128 )

So at least the HDL and LDL are headed in the right direction. Thos other 2 numbers, however, Im not happy with. These figures are after fasting before having blood drawn. I hadnt eaten anything past 1230am that morning and only had a little water for my meds. My CBC came back normal though, as did my Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (measures sugar, blood salts and liver/kidney functions). My thyroid test came back normal (so yes all this fat is indeed my damn fault). The other two tests that she did that day came back as normal as well. That's a total relief. I wasnt looking forward to having to cope with a positive result on the one test (no it wasnt for cancer or anything else terminal so no worries there). Havent got the test results back on the ct scan yet. Strange because hubby's showed up last week. His bloodwork paperwork never showed either....they did call and talk to him directly though about a week before the ct paperwork showed up (checked him for polyps and found not only them but a deviated septum also) so maybe they just havent mailed mine out yet? I'll give them a jingle while Im out tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day for us. We've got yet another goodbye luncheon to go to at 1130am, my PT appointment at 130pm, my hubby has an interview at 215pm through work and then we plan on a movie and supper out afterwards (assuming the PT doesnt beat me up too damn much of course). I think we'll be skipping the luncheon. They're going Mexican and Im really not wanting to have gas while Im at the PT (especially if the PT is cute). We still have to get our grocery shopping done for the week too. Gonna be a very busy day. Oh wait, he doesnt work tomorrow so maybe the shopping can wait a day. It's not as though we're out of anything important (just bananas, milk, bread, eggs, juice, breakfast bars, chocolate...nothing ~really~ major LOL). The interview for hubby is one of those blanket ones. A few questions and make sure the ole resume is up to date. Then I guess from there they'll be starting to see what is out there that he's qualified for. My luck they'll find something at ST (a semi-conductor place in Texas) for him. I hope not, word is that they're closing. Man I love being friends with the wife of someone who knows someone over that way (and that someone is in the management level).

Oh and the band I missed? They'll be playing in Tyler on my birthday. Ive already informed hubby that I-WANT-TO-GO. Period. End of conversation. Unless he wants to have a very Very VERY unhappy wife on his hands. So with any luck we'll be headed out Friday afternoon to Tyler (2 hr drive), getting set up in a hotel and then to Clicks to see Squint. Over night in the hotel, then drive home Saturday afternoon. I wont even miss my streamtime (unless I get fired between then and now...yeah right...but ya never know anymore).


ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad the test results came back clean. And all my fat is my damn fault too. I'm trying to exercise, but my right knee isn't cooperating. I might have to go to the doc's and have an MRI done on it. *Sigh*

Toriz said...

I'm glad the test results were mostly clear. And the ones that you weren't all that happy with... well, they don't look too bad!

If you end up missing the band on your birthday, then all I can say is... I would be EXTREMELY glad I'm not your hubby. LOL!

LadyStyx said...

Chicago- I understand that knee thing. Everytime I fall I tend to land on that same knee (the one on the right) and as such it's the one that gives me the biggest hassles. I'm a predominately right sided person too so climbing stairs is always right leg first as well. Between the weight and the falls, Ive pretty much jacked up my knee to the point that it likes to give out now and then. When it's not doing that,it's making a grinding noise.

Tori- Amen and Amen again...LOL


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