We had a long day yesterday. By the time I got home I bet I could have dropped on the floor and slept all night. I didnt, but I bet I could have if I had allowed it. Who knew being poked and prodded for 30 minutes could get you so tired out for the rest of the night?

My PT appointment was for 130pm. We thought it was supposed to be for an hour, but it lasted only 35-40 minutes tops. Hubby had an appointment at work for 215pm so he dropped me off and scooted out the door. My PT got me in right on time. We spent a few minutes talking so he could hear from me (and not the other PT I saw last week) what all was going on. He put me on heat for 10 minutes and then proceeded to work on that side. There's a joint where the ribs meet up with the spinal column in the back and he's thinking that I did something to one or possibly two of the joints back there. The body, when it realizes there's a problem, will make the muscles in the area either go really lax OR tighten them up depending on what is best to protect the injured area. In 6-7 months, there could be more damage than we think because the muscles got used to being so tight for so long. He says that there are a couple things he wants to try but he cant do them at the same time because if I come in the next week feeling better, he wont know which one worked or if it needed to be both. Right now he's working at getting the muscle looser there (it's as tight as my shoulders get when Im stressed). After he gets the muscles to relax some, then he can see what's going on with the joints. It took him about 15-20 minutes to get it to relax just a little. I cant imagine how long it would have been if he had to work my whole back! Afterwards, he showed me another excerise he wants me to do. Im being told to do my exercises for as long as I can do them painfree and not to push the body any farther than it wants to go. The object is to make the back more limber, not put me in the hospital. Anyhow, the exercise is to lie on my back with my knees up and move them together side to side using my stomach muscles. This will strengthen my stomach up so the back doesnt have to work so damn hard. I only need to do 15 reps 2 times daily. It's not long because my spine tends to lock up near the tail bone if I lie on my back too long and then it's impossible to get up. Once I got my 15 reps in, he iced my back down for 5 minutes. I was told I was going to hurt but it wasnt so bad last night until later. Feels like he left a bruise under the skin around back there. Today Im stiff as hell, but will be still doing my exercises in a bit to loosen up.

From what hubby said, the meeting went ok. They went over his resume and asked a few questions. They then asked if he had any and he mentioned a plant in the Lexington Kentucky area. From what he explained there are some companies that are in joint ventures with TI so this plant would be TI, yet at the same time, not TI. With any luck his years and everything could transfer over and nothing would be lost (worst case here would be if he got it but they didnt cover the move and he'd end up back at the beginning again, then it wouldnt be worth the move). This would put us near his folks (about 2-3 hours away) but far enough away to discourage surprise "pop overs". It would also put me near my bro and his family as well as place us around the area my folks are hoping to move to in a few years. Everyone would be happy this way....well except my TXSis as I'd be moving away and my SCSis as it's still not close enough for easy visiting anytime we want. We're keeping our fingers crossed as this isnt definite, in fact it hasnt even been announced yet that they'll be doing this venture. Hubby at least told them to please keep him in mind if and when it goes down.

I had to wait about 45 minutes on hubby after my appointment. My PT had me so tired I almost fell asleep waiting to leave. Hubby picked me up and we went to Palominas for supper. The place aint all that. I dont know why he keeps insisting on going there. Im hoping it was this time only because it was closest to the movie theatre. Personally, I would have rathered Denny's or IHOPS as their food and service is better. Granted Palominas is a buffet and you dont need to have much in the line of service, but it wouldnt kill them to at least be a bit more pleasant than they are. Dont even get me started on the food that looked good but didnt taste all that great. Well except the chicken, cornbread and Caesar salad (and that's debateable on the salad). The fish, mashed potatoes (which tasted like german tater salad mashed...*BLEAH*) and iced tea were the worst. I never thought I'd say that a place made their iced tea too strong but damn my spoon nearly melted and I swear they laced the tea with coffee. I thought the slice of chocolate cake would make up for it...umm nope. Where the tea was very strong...the chocolate cake was a complete opposite....weak assed chocolate. Im betting the vanilla cake had a stronger flavor to it. I'll have to check next time Im inflicted with that place.

We went to see the Transformers movie last night. It was actually quite good if you could look past a couple of glaring holes in the plot (well I found them glaring...some others might not). The movie is definitely one you go to see the special effects only as the storyline (as well as some of the dialog) is really pretty lame. I give it a mantinee price and drinks which isnt a bad rating. I'd even pay to see it again and definitely get the dvd. If I'd paid evening rates and bought snacks, however, I'd have been disappointed. It was definitely as good as the Silver Surfer and loads better than that steaming turd called Spiderman3. I told hubby if we'd seen Spiderman 3 last night after that therapy session I would have fallen asleep. Even as tired as I was , I made it through the 2+1/2 hours without squirming much nor being overly bored....well maybe I was bored for only a couple minutes max. There are definitely some humorous moments in this movie especially when the boy's car (an Autobot- goodguy) decides to attempt to help the boy get the girl and starts playing appropriate music for the mood (like playing Baby Come Back as the girl's walking away). Hey, the car was only tryin to help!

After the movie we went to Wally World to do our shopping. I dont know how I managed to get all the way through the store without falling over. Surprise surprise I didnt buy any music at all this week. I think next week I'll pick up the new Ozzy that came out in March or May or something. The tunes are decent and I think it's worth the money. Actually I think I may pay the extra on Amazon for the Japanese release as it has a couple bonus tracks on it. I was considering picking up the Aly and AJ one but I want to proof it on Amazon before I decide if Im going to plunk down the money for it. When we got home, surprisingly, I didnt lie down. If I had I would have fallen right to sleep Im sure. Oh no....I got myself to my computer to check my emails and then got sidetracked on a project. Next thing I knew it was 2am....damn.


Toriz said...

Yeah, it's amazing how tired you get being poked and prodded, lol!

Well, if your review of the Transformers movie is anything to go by, I'm glad I've decided to wait for that one to come out on Sky movies before I watch it.

I haven't seen Spiderman 3 yet. If I catch it on the movie chanels, I'll watch it, but I've never been a huge fan of Spiderman, so it's one of those movies where I don't mind whether I watch it or not.

AliceKay said...

I wonder if that exercise would help strengthen up my stomach muscles and still keep the back from hurting. I talked to one of our feed customers one day who works at a physical therapy place and asked her if they work on patients with Scoliosis. She said they did and told me I should have my doctor write me a script for it. (i don't want to go to physical therapy the rest of my life) :( She said they show the patients how to help themselves and that part sounded good. (now all i need is a hand to hold and a push in the right direction...LOL)

Good luck with your PT...I hope it helps you feel better. And good luck to you and Ranger in finding a good job and a nice place to live.

LadyStyx said...

It should Alice. If I've read correctly you need both good stomach and back muscles to help support the spine properly (consider this the push you need). Depending on your insurance, it should be mostly if not all covered. We're on an HMO so it costs me $30 each time I go (which explains why Im only in once a week instead of 2-3 times like they want). You may want to look into it. It just may help out.

Tori you seem to be alot like my hubby and his friend in regards to movies and reading materials so you may want to go to this link (I hope this works):

That particular blog entry discusses some of the movies he was looking forward to and how he rated them before and after the viewing. Maybe that will help you make a decision on whether or not to go.

ChicagoLady said...

I have not seen the movie Transformers. I'll have to catch it on dvd probably. (There are SO many movies I've missed that I want to see on dvd, I'll never see them all, lol).

I was watching a video of yoga/pilates, and one of the exercises on there was to lay on your back, bend your knees up by your chest with your arms straight out from your side, and roll back and forth from side to side. It works your abdominal muscles. I also have a few other exercises that I do occasionally, just for my back, when it's bothering me.


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