No, I havent floated away

This is getting obnoxious, this stupid low pressure system that's stalled out over our state. What's happened is that it's sandwiched between two high pressure systems that show no signs of moving any time soon. Here it is, nearly 2pm and I've YET to see any daylight. We saw sun 2 days ago and I figured the pattern had broken. Then around 10pm the storms started up again. Have I said how much this is beginning to bug me? Oh... I have? I very nearly had to bail on my stream this week a mere 15 minutes into it. If there had been lightning you can be sure I would have. According to the weather reports we're in for more of the same this whole week until Saturday. At least that's what it's saying as of this posting...Lord knows what it'll say when y'all get to reading it.

This is the last week of daytime hours for the hubby. I havent decided whether or not Im going to change my sleeping schedule or not. It's only for a month as it stands so it's almost not worth me changing my sleep habits. Besides without him home around 730-8pm at night, I wont be inclined to eat a full meal at that hour. My full meal would now end up being a late lunch (around 3 or 4pm so I could pack something for him to take for his lunch) putting it at a time where I can work some of it off before climbing into bed. This could be beneficial especially if we could find it in the budget to get that bike Im wanting. I'd also get a full night's sleep for a change. The only thing Im not liking is if he cant get this Saturday off as we have friends in town and I really dont wanna go alone (bands and bars and gals going by themselves aint the best mix). I may just have to cancel that trip...again...*sigh*. Maybe hubby will be off when they're in's 2 hours out and 2 hours back so we'd end up there overnight but it'd be worth it.

I got a couple calls late last week. One from the place doing my ct scan and one from the physical therapy place. I have appointments for each place this Thursday. The ct in the morning and the PT in the afternoon. All I have to do is call the obgyn and schedule that one. Maybe I can get lucky and get a time in between....maybe I'd better just schedule this for Friday just to be certain. My luck I'd get them all on one day and one would make me late for another. Good news is that I got a letter from MedSolutions (they certify certain radiology services for my insurance company) saying that the ct will be covered under my benefit plan. That's one worry off my shoulders as I KNOW how expensive those buggers are.


ChicagoLady said...

See my comments from your other page, lol.

Eating your last big meal around 3 or 4pm would definitely help. I try to eat as little as possible at night, but sometimes I just can't help it. Like when I'm at a friend's open house, and there's TONS of good food, lol.

Good luck on the tests and PT later this week!

LadyStyx said...

I hope so. The big problem is that I get hungriest from 3-4pm on. Of course if I ate more during the course of the day Im sure I wouldnt be nearly so hungry later. Thing is, Im not overly hungry earlier in the day. I grab something about 20 minutes after waking and then lunch. After that I tend to lose track of time. Maybe if I force myself to grab a little something (a couple crackers or a piece of fruit...maybe a yogurt)every 3 hours or so. Then I'll be too full in the evening to eat a big meal.


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