Catchin ya'll up

Just doing some catch-up here. As most of you know my main computer went *poofs* on me over a week ago. My hubby thinks it's the motherboard and has managed to win one on EBay that he thinks may fix my problem. Right now we're just waiting on delivery so he can get it installed. With any luck this will completely correct things for me. I know the *poof* wasnt my harddrives as he bought a shell to make my C and D drives externals so I can access the information on it. Unfortunately, all the programs I had in there will need reinstalling Im sure. Oh well, there isnt anything of major importance in there anymore since Im no longer streaming. Anyhow, I havent been writing much because of how I have things set up. Im still on the laptop in the livingroom. Ive got this baby set up on a tv tray on top of the coffee table. It pretty much brings it up to a good level for me but I also end up having to sit on the edge of the sofa to reach it. Needless to say the lean Im at pretty much aggravates my lower back and the edge of the sofa itself presses on the nerves behind my legs which means they go to sleep every now and then while Im at the keyboard. Hence the reason why Im not in as often as I used to be. Oh of course I could always clear off my kitchen table and set up out there but #1 the chairs out there beg for mercy everytime I sit on them (actually they scream in agony but does that really matter), and #2 if this is an easy fix, there's no real sense in setting up for just a week or so in the kitchen. If it's going to take longer, I'll just have the CPU from the bedroom brought into the office for my use. In any case, Im making use of this time away from the computer.

During the last week and a half or so, I've been spending more time painting. In this time, Ive managed to complete 18 small pieces and get 8 more started. Twelve of the 18 are pieces to a couple Christmas gifts for a couple friends. All I'll need to do is buy some gift certificates for the others on my list and my shopping's done for the year. I wont be posting the pictures of any of the crafts I did as gifts this year until after the holidays because the people who are getting hand crafted items all have access to this blog (they just dont necessarily leave comments). I have 8 more started, a small one for myself and at least 1 of the others is for my folks....something they can have that I made that can be left up all year around (I painted them ornaments a few years back).

When Im not painting, Im catching whatever movies are being aired on tv. I usually catch approximately 2 movies a night. May as well, nothing much else to do around here with hubby away all night. The last couple nights I've been doing some reading too. I actually broke down and started the Harry Potter series. Oh, I know I had said that I wanted to wait until the movies were all out but that would be another 2-3 years. What Im doing is watching the movie first then reading the corresponding book. Depending on how this goes will determine if I read past the 4th book. If it goes anything like the first book did, I probably will end up stopping after the 4th book. Needless to say, I was awfully glad I watched the movie first because if I'd done it the other way around I would have been sorely dissappointed....just like any other time. My only guess is that they didnt do their research properly and not realizing exactly what kind of a phenomenon this was going to be, simply just "whipped something together". There were definitely a few lines in the first book that were LOL funny and would have worked well in the movie. I got through the first book in less than a day's time and watched the second movie this evening. I'll be starting reading the book later tonight.

For the benefit of those I havent had a chance to talk to (my NYBro for one) and for those who have reading programs and cannot access my "Home Page", hubby got a call last Thursday around 10 am from a company in Virginia that expressed some interest in his application. He got to talk to the HR (human resources) Director for a little bit and was told that the lead in the etch section would call him back around 2pm the same day. The leader called and talked with hubby for a good long time. It sounded like he was testing hubby's knowledge with systems and stuff. It also sounded like alot of what was asked was stuff hubby learned in school 11 years ago and hasnt had to put into use since. Hubby gave the call a 50/50 shot at the time. We were kind of hoping they'd call back again but we havent heard word one since. My only hope right now is that they had a few more applications to call first before they decide and that they'll call after Thanksgiving. It's getting awfully close for my liking to be honest.

As for myself, I havent had one bite since Target called. Like I was telling a friend the other night, most companies will have their seasonal staff in place at this point and mostly trained because "Black Friday" is this week. Only hope for me at this point is that a company decides they need someone permanent and calls this next week. Im beginning to think that I may have to go to that temp agency down the road and see what they have. You all do know that if I had gotten a job, then the call from Virginia would have come through....that's just how my luck runs.


ChicagoLady said...

Still keeping my fingers crossed that "something" comes up for one of you, at least.

AliceKay said...

Yep, I'm with chicagolady. Hope things work out for you soon. And good luck with the computer problem. I hope the new motherboard will get that other computer up and running. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that something comes up for one of you soon.

Hope the motherboard will fix the problem with your PC.

As for the Harry Potter bit... I agree that they left a lot out, and that after the book the movie is a bit of a disappointment, but they DID know what the book was about. They were just trying to cram everything in to as short a movie as they could. There are two reasons for this. One is that the first book actually has two titles "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone" and "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's stone" and they had to do all scenes where the stone was mentioned twice. The other is probably something along the lines of what you said about not knowing how big the movie would be until after it was made, by which time it was too late. Plus, it would cost a lot to arrange the special effects needed for a movie like that. Not to mention the fact that some things are a lot easier to write about than they are to act out on stage or on screen.

AliceKay said...

Love this background, too. Very festive. :)

LadyStyx said...

TY, TY, TY and TY :)
Am happier with this wallpaper than I was the other but still not sure on it. It may change a couple more times before Im through.

Tori- I can understand cutting out stuff to shorten and allow the movies to flow better. The first book only had a few minor changes. Enough to dissappoint but not totally detract from what was going on. Im even less happy with the second book/movie combination. I'll save the whys for a blog entry.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have been keeping busy! How you been lately?


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