damn Im so tired

My poor body feels like I've run a 10 hour shift at WallyWorld during holiday season. I'd much rather be in bed but to be honest, I dont have the energy to get out of this chair.... *shrugz*. Well that and the fact I have a couple pix I wanted to post.

While on the way to the townhouse to wait for the delivery of our household goods, we popped into a gas station so hubby could pick up some sodas. I was really surprised by what I saw in the parking lot....Payphones! You rarely see them anywhere anymore because most people carry cell phones. *looks at them thru iggy's eyes* Oh WAIT!! They're alien communication devices so they can be like E.T. and phone home....

The following pictures arent for the faint of heart. Knowing how Alice feels about such sights, someone please blindfold her.... ~grinz~

Boxes , boxes, everywhere boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the above is the "storage room" so it's not gonna get any better, if anything worse)

Just a couple of rooms (immediately above is the "office") filled with the chaos that I need to face the next week or so. I cant wait til we're done.....

Ok, someone unblindfold Alice...

Tomorrow we have Comcast coming in around 9am to hook up the phone and internet. This means another day to start early and Lord knows how long we'll be there getting things set up. Top things all off the furnace keeps kicking it's breaker off so the landlady needs to get a repairperson out to fix. If they show up tomorrow, we may stay there overnight and just start getting used to being there. If not we'll have a couple more days in the apartment we're in. With any luck we'll be in the townhouse fully by next week at the latest.


Intense Guy said...

I better rub my eyes and get my new prescription filled. I hate getting new glasses - they ask me when wearing the empty frames, "Well, how do you think you look with these?" and I'm thinking, "Jeepers, is there a mirror or something out there in all that blurriness?"

The old glasses are comfy even if they see things odd.

AliceKay said...

LOL, Iggy.

By the way, Styxie...I still have some boxes in my living room...where the humidifier should be. Marty brought home a bunch of them (unfolded and standing on end...kinda) and they're still there. (i have no place to put them) Right next to them is a box from JC Penneys that arrived last week for him. It's a set of luggage he ordered. He's coming home this weekend so will get that box out of there.

You'll get your new place in order soon. *hugs*

~*~Steph~*~ said...

Hey lady!!! I know LTNS! lol I'mmmmm backkkkk hehehe

You will get everything sorted in no time I am sure.Cause I know you will get tired of looking at it and will be all about getting things unpacked and organized.

I'm glad you guys were able to find a place.

I haven't even been keeping up with AI this time around,there's so much other things to watch and while I love it,I also love my other shows.....hmmm maybe I'm just getting too old for it! lol


Karla said...

wowsa I hate moving..Unpacking is worse than packing if you ask me.......And btw..we have snow...I'll gladly send it to you if you want

LadyStyx said...

LOL @ iggy. Must be another Nyquil hallucination!

Alice: We've got alot of both right now and bags and bags of stuffing paper to get rid of!

WB Steph! Glad to see you're doing better.

Yes, Karla, the unpacking's the worst. Especially this time because we had people do the packing and of course they pack by the room and fill with whatever. Worst yet, things that were in certain rooms before (and hence got packed with those rooms) no longer fit in the same rooms and have to be located. I had boxes labeled kitchen that were actually part of my crafts area (because that's where I had been doing my painting) and one labelled livingroom that had been stuffed with several kitchen items as "filler". *bah* No rhyme or reason in some of the boxes.


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