I've been friggin tagged *again*

Queenie Jeanie ( http://happy-jeannie.blogspot.com/2008/12/ive-been-photo-tagged.html) tagged me with a Photo Tag. Yeah, I know...but she didnt know my feelings on it when she did as she hasnt been following long enough yet (hense the extra reading thingy up there^^).

The rules are as follows:
I have to go to the fourth photo file on my computer and choose the fourth photo.
I then get to tag 4 friends to do the same.

Well guess what....I aint tagging anyone... neener neener neener!! You want to play, feel free.

Unfortunately the 4th file has 4 more files and then the pix so Im going to treat everyone to 2 pictures that I have yet to post anywhere. The first one is the 4th pic from the 4th file (which is actually the 8th item in the 4th file) this one is a colorized picture of my daddy in his uniform with a picture of his boat in the header of the picture. You can see there's a bit of a family resemblance (my brother looks even more like him, with the exception of the nose....)

The other picture is the 4th picture of the 4th file’s 4th file….the couple you see are my mom’s parents. I’m not sure if this was taken when they were courting or if it was sometime after their wedding.

today's ride courtesy of my female empowerment list (http://view.playlist.com/341242891 )...some particularly high energy ones came up in the ride today AND a lack of Metformin in the system helped!

Calories burned: 394.3
trip miles: 11.26
ave mph: 22.52


Queenie Jeannie said...

Great pics and sorry I tagged an unwilling victim, lol!

Intense Guy said...

These are great pics!

The colorizing was done pretty well too.

ChicagoLady said...

I think they're assuming most people keep their photos in one file, not files within files, lol.

WTG on the bike ride. I can definitely see a difference without the Metformin.

Nice pictures! I can definitely see the resemblence to your dad.

AliceKay said...

great pics and a great ride. :) (to bed i must go now..nite nite)

Toriz said...

WTG on the bike ride

Carrie said...

These are AWESOME pictures! Your daddy sure is handsome!

LadyStyx said...

Queenie: No worries, you didnt know. First response to a "TAG"...is "Oh HELL NO!!"

Iggy: Thanks. The original of Dad's was a b&w but this colorized one was made special...I ~think~ it hung in gramma Mimi's place for a while and then was given to us.

Chicago: Good point! I have several folders depending on what it is. Sometimes the folders within those folders have folders.

Yeah...I had a bit more energy for that ride.....

LOL We both got the Harding family nose...gramma Mimi had it too.

Alice: Thanks! Sleep well.

Tori: Thanks

Carrie: Thanks!! I think he is too. You should see the picture I have of my momma's daddy though. Now HE was a handsome man!!

Deanna said...

Enjoyed the family pictures.
Great ride!


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