Mmmmmm part 3: M is for menageries and mustangs

M is for menageries.

Ever since I've been little, I've really loved animals and the best place a suburban girl can see animals she'd not normally see is in a menagerie (better known as a zoo). I have several favorite animals, but Im partial to the wild cats so to keep to theme, I'd say my favorite is the mountain lion. It's followed closely with mooses, manatees, monkeys and mallards.

I love taking pictures in menageries and every so often can managed to get a really great shot. I cant take credit for that one on the left though.

The definition of menagerie usually states that the animals are live in the exhibit. However, since Tennessee Williams chose to use the title The Glass Menagerie for one of his plays, I suppose that my list can extend to non-living animals as well!

I love stuffed animals but I also love models of them. In particular, I love the Breyer models of horses. They are so realistic. I wish I could manage to get my models to look that good. I get pretty close but not nearly close enough. The eyes just arent quite right. Oh hey! That picture to the left can double for another M!

M is for Mustangs ! Ok yeah, so it could be included in the menagerie M but it also is the name of one of my favorite cars! Shelby style, of course. The one below is gorgeous. It's just gotta lose the racing stripes. Mine would have a white interior and a ragtop...oh yeah.


Toriz said...

The big cats are my favourite animals too!

AliceKay said...

Love the Mustang at the bottom....complete with racing stripes. :)

ChicagoLady said...

I was hoping you'd mention cars and not just horses, lol.

I love manatees! I want one as a pet! They're so cute!!!!!

LadyStyx said...

*laffz* think that I'd forget the car??? Especially after iggy dedicated all those nice cars awhile back?

Intense Guy said...

A pet manatee?? holy sea cows... do have any idea how big those things are? lol... that would be hillarious, listening in on chicagolady calling apartment places in chicago and asking if they are ok with a pet manatee...

:) This is a great entry!! :)

LadyStyx said...

LOL! She'd need to ask for a ground floor and if they allow waterbeds. If they allow waterbeds, they should be fine with a manatee!


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