in response to wifey's comment on the last entry

Qs woulda made it easy to stay within the 10...

Quartz...the rose color is nice...

Quiet. No matter how much I fuss about how I miss hubby all day and the fact I have to have something making noise (tv or music), there are times I really like the quiet alot.

Queen! I LOVE Freddy Mercury and Brian Mays' voices!! Some of their less popular songs are their best.

Quadrupeds. Particularly my kitty. Im just an animal lover so almost anything crawling around on 4 legs I love.

Quarter Horses. I love horses in general and this ~could~ have been put in that last one but of all animals, the horse is my fav.

Quilts. A nice warm quilt fresh from the dryer on a cold day is wonderful.

Quarts of Baskin Robbins!! My favorite brand. I wish it wasnt so expensive.

Quantities (large) of chocolate in almost any forms. Some is liked better than others.

Quirks. They're what make us individuals.

More Fun Quizzes at

Quizzes. Great time killers. :)

On the other hand, if you'd pulled the X (or possibly even the Z), I think I may have had heart failure.


Deanna said...

Oh my. You wear me out. LOL

ChicagoLady said...

You could find at least 10 things for just about any letter I think, and be ingenious about it too. Quarts of ice cream? Quantities of chocolate? Somehow I don't think that was the intention of how you're supposed to pick your favorite 10, but can choose to play however you want, lmao.

Toriz said...

Why am I not surprised to see this post? LMAO!

Intense Guy said...

I am totally 100 percent certain LadyStyx could handle any letter in the alphabet...and do a great job of it too and not have anything that sounds contrived.

Pixy Stick... I'm a pixy stick... the heck is a pixy stick???

LadyStyx said...

Punkn: it's part of my charm! LOL

Chicago: I probably could. The rules didnt state that it had to be one item. The words were quantities and quarts...I just QUALIFIED (another with what Item I liked best that went with those words!

Tori: 'Cuz you and I are alike and I suspect you woulda done the same....


The Wife O Riley said...



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