a little of this and a little of that...

Calories burned: 386.7
trip miles: 11.05
ave mph: 22.10

Feelin lazy today. Im so tired. Started back to my 3 doses of Metformin today. Im going to give it a couple days and see how I feel. I need to remember who told me this medicine was going to make me lose some weight and smack em stupid because ever since I been on this crap, I've bounced back and forth over the same 5 damn pounds....even WITH staying on my "eating modification and exercise plan". Got so depressed that I fell off the wagon and dove straight into a calzone. I'd been craving pizza for a week and the calzone was as close as I'd get at the time.

Im so disappointed. I thought with the loss of weight that maybe a new jacket was in order. The wool one I was given will not be good enough as it's too damn big and the one my folks bought in January still doesnt fit well enough and it's not warm enough anyhow. So I thought maybe one of the nice ones at WalMart...they were a decent price, long enough (over da bum) and had a hood. Unfortunately, even with the 15+ pound weight loss, the arms are too tight, even in a 3x jacket. I mean WTF?? And do you think think they had a size larger? Of course not. Carry everything else in sizes up to a 5x....but not a decent coat. *rolls eyes* I guess I'll need to make due with the one I had in Texas (which doesnt have a hood but is long enough) and just put a lined hoodie underneath it.

We got the 10 by 13 we ordered of the picture of us today from Sears. I got it put up in the dining room to replace the Christmas one from '05 or '06. Looks nice...I think the frame needs to be replaced though as I think it'll look nicer in a black frame instead of those brown wood ones.

We got a call from the UPS Store yesterday. Meant to go by today and pick up the delivery. I suspect it's the gifts for the kids. At least that's the impression I got because they'd asked for me and I heard hubby say "this is her husband". I guess we'll pick it up tomorrow and I'll get it ready to be shipped for next week. I hope the stuff doesnt look too cheesy.

Hubby's arm seems to be doing better today. He aint complained about it once and he's been on the puter most the night so I guess that's a good sign.

After going for my shot, I popped into the Hobby shop next door to the dr office and bought the kit I'd been looking at. It's not really the pattern I've been wanting but I havent seen them get any more in. My luck, I'll actually enjoy doing this art and then have trouble finding kits...*again* (like the pre-print canvases of butterflies I'd done). Anyhow, the price in the store was about $5 less than the price online AND they had a sales tax free special going on so I went ahead and got it. Here's the link: http://www.woodscape.ca/store-assembled.asp ...Im pretty sure I grabbed the Old Mill one, but I could be mistaken. Im not thinking so well right now. I should get to bed....


ChicagoLady said...

So if I read that link right, what you purchased is pieces of wood that fit together, you paint them however the directions tell you to, you put the wood pieces together and frame it, and it's art? Interesting.

Oh I hate those cravings that hit you like that.

Just a question, and I know you've been doing AWESOME on the bike. It's a recumbent bike, but the handles don't move, right? Do you think maybe you might want to get some 5lb free weights to maybe start working on the arms too, so it's not just your lower body that will get a workout?

Hope the shot doesn't bother you too much over the next couple days, and that you're feeling less tired on the 3 pills of Metformin.

Toriz said...

*Hugs* I'm sorry you're feeling so tired and fed up right now. Hang in there... Things will get better!

Queenie Jeannie said...

You've been PHOTO TAGGED....come on over!

Totally love your new background!

The Wife O Riley said...

Enjoy you kit and don't feel guilty about the calzone. If you were craving it for a week, you really wanted it and was not just eating it to eat. It's good not to deprive yourself too much.

I'm glad your husband's arm is ok.

Carrie said...

HEY THERE! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I have always had a hard time finding coats I like (because of the huge ta-tas and the extra stuffing around my middle), but the last few coats I've bought have been from Lane Bryant with a coupon so they weren't horrendously priced.

I just started Weight Watchers online and am actually pretty pleased with it. I've already lost 7 lbs in less than 3 weeks! For me that's massive because I've never been able to lose more than 5lbs a month and it was always frustrating that it was going to take me 6,435,972 years to get to my goal weight!

Anyhoo, thanks for coming by. Don't be a stranger, ya hear??

AliceKay said...

5 lb. weights would be pretty heavy to start out with, I would think, but maybe not. I have a set of 2 lb. weights and they were good starting weights for me. The ones they had me use at physical therapy were 3 lb. weights. But then, you might have more muscles than me. :)

I was feeling so crummy yesterday that I went and bought a bag of Cheez Doodles at the grocery store, and I haven't had any of those this whole year because it was my New Year's resolution to give them up. I haven't opened the bag yet so haven't eaten any yet. Maybe I'll just leave them in the cupboard until a Christmas or New Year's Eve get together. LOL


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