Mmmmmm part 1: the Dislikes

That 10 favorite things game looked to be so much fun, so I asked Wifey @ to go ahead and get me a letter so I could play along. Within a day or so, I got a comment from Wifey in drag (ok, so she signed in under her hubby's account) and was issued the letter "M". So last night, I got brainstorming on what could possibly be my favorite things that start with the letter"M". Unfortunately, my brain wouldnt stop when it was time to crawl into bed!! Actually, it still hasnt stopped...

It was actually easier to find a short list of dislikes than it was to find likes. With my luck, my brain will go into overdrive again tonight and I'll have a longer list of dont likes. *laffz*

The word Monday in huge font with Garfield sprawled underneath it
Mondays. Who in their right mind likes Mondays? I surely dont. It doesnt matter whether the hubby is working the front end of the week or the back end, Mondays suck. If he's working the front end, it means at least 1 if not 2 more days of work before he's home for time off. If he's working the back end of the week, then it's only one more day off and then it's back to the treadmill.

Background has a farmer with a turkey tucked under his arm. There are two turkeys left in the pen and one says to the other  I think he’s off to the dentist…I heard something about his cavity getting filled.
Misunderstandings. Nothing like a misunderstanding between people to break up a wonderful friendship. Misspoken or misheard words....worse yet words not said and intensions not clarified can really drive a wedge between people. Hurt feelings ensue and if not rectified, rifts become nearly impossible to repair.

A dude, out cold on the ground with a crowd standing around him and one person in the back is saying Let me through, please, Im a meddlesome government bureacrat.Meddlesome people. I dont care if they're bureaucrats, neighbors, or family (blood or related by marriage). Period.

empty pill bottlesMedicines! Especially those that you dont see any appreciable use for, like allergy pills which OBVIOUSLY help you breathe. Worse yet are the ones that you have to arrange your eating schedule around. Worst yet is when the doctor puts you on 2 different medicines and one is an "empty belly" type pill and the other is one you need to take with things all off, one's every 6 hours while the other one is every 4hrs. Yeah....I dont like medicines.

a chalkboard, drawn, with some mathematical equations on itMath. I never enjoyed it because I had trouble wrapping my head around many of the concepts. Top things all off when I get tired, I tend to transpose numbers. Strange because I love music and that's nothing but numbers and fractions....working on my web pages which require a general working knowledge of percentages. I think the worst thing is that my brother is a math genius and made me feel dumb one too many times. I also hate history... not only for the memorization but for the dates (so yeah, I hated it long before that jerk came along). I never could keep them in my head. However, history doesnt exactly fit this theme now, does it?
a dude flipping the bird with a parental advisory over his middle finger

The middle finger. This one falls into a grey area though in as much as Im prone to letting it fly when Im really pissed, I really hate when it's flipped at me. So expressive this one digit...


Toriz said...

Great list... I look forward to your "likes" list.

I know what you mean... It's harder to play than it looks. It took me AGES to do my list!

Intense Guy said...

Some really good "bad" things on that list.

Ugh.. its Monday... :)

The Wife O Riley said...

Very Impressive. You've done well.

Can't wait for the Likes.

ChicagoLady said...

Very interesting. I had a hard enough time just coming up with likes, there was no way I was going to try dislikes, lol.

Looking forward to your next entry.

merc3069 said...

OH! I wanna play!

LadyStyx said...

get with Wifey and get yaself a letter then ;)

LadyStyx said...

*pencils in more dislikes: MORONS and MEANIES*


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