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Queenie Jeannie said...
#1. You mentioned your art...what do you do??

I wouldn’t call it art so much as crafts. I LOVE to finish plaster pieces. Some turn out really good and not so much. I had been hoping to make a go at selling the finished pieces but that hasn’t worked out so well. I did manage to sell 3-4 pieces over all, but that's on the course of as many years. I'd get a bunch done and end up giving them all away. I do have a few pieces I kept for myself and a slew in my closet that will probably sit there until I find the right home for them. I need to re-do the pictures because many aren’t on the blog link I provided. Sadly, most times my pictures simply do NOT do the pieces justice (just ask Karla). I've got some pictures on the site above but I've got more pictures that didnt get posted there because they were done as gifts.

I like to do other things as well. From time to time (mostly when I’m visiting the in-laws because I ~really~ need something to keep my mind off the fact that my MIL is aggravating me), I’ll work on a counted cross-stitch piece. This type of craft doesn’t hold my attention too long though because it takes forever to get a piece done. I really need to get a picture of the one I’ve been working on. More than a year later and I ~finally~ got the border done. Wow! *laffz*

Every so often, I’ll try something new. Right now, on my table, is sitting a lath art piece that I just haven’t gotten myself to trying out. I figure it’ll be another month or more before I get the guts to get into it. they have a couple kits on their site that I wouldn't mind trying if I decide I like doing it. They're rather expensive though.

The profile picture is another project I did. I’d found some “Paint it yourself” kits on clearance in a local craft store back in Texas. If I had any CLUE they were being discontinued COMPLETELY (instead of on clearance because they were bringing new styles in), I would have bought more. As it is, they’re no longer in the stores AND I can’t find many online either. It really kinda sucks because I'd like to do the same pattern in a few more colors. Presently I have one done in pink and this other (in the profile picture) is in lavendar. I'd really like to do one in blue, one in green, one in yellow and one in peach so I have a whole rainbow of them. The kit is a stretched canvas with the picture sketched on it with a numbered graph on the label. I was so scared to mess it up because it required that you mix the paints in specified amounts to get the right colors and I’d never been known to measure before mixing (which explains some of the one of a kind colors that my plaster pieces sometimes show up in). I may end up taking some tissue paper and trying to duplicate the pattern.

There have been a few more crafts I’ve done over the course of the years:

This one you can see some of the ornaments I'd painted for our Christmas tree. I did a slew of flat plasters and about 12 of those marbled spheres. All those are are clear glass Christmas balls with the insides painted. It was time consuming but very easy. A few drops of acrylic paint (use 2 or 3 different colors) and turn every few minutes for several hours (we're talking double digit hours!) until the paint has swirled and marbled, covering every inch inside. Tip it upside down in a egg crate to drain and dry (this takes even longer but as you can see, the effect is well worth it).

These are the candles I did for my wedding in 2006. All it is is plain glass holders painted with gold etching solution. I think I did at least 2 coats, possibly 3. Pop a votive candle in and tie a bow around the stem and voila.
At one point I was making beaded earrings...those ones with the tassels... but I stopped doing that project because I wasn't very good at them AND the seed beads were a tad too small for me to be handling.

#2. What is it that you love the most about American Idol?

A few years back, I was a streamer. I used to have a weekly "show" wait, that first site I had at least 3 spots during the week (plus did A LOT of fillins). So American Idol viewing basically started as a way to keep a finger on the pulse of the music industry. A way to make sure I was current with my tunes (I tried to keep the hottest, newest tunes in my files). Then, a couple years ago (someone correct me, I know I didn’t write for the 4th year...that was Bo Bice and I was in the forums then...did I start in year 5?...If I did it's been almost 4 years now) I started writing and trying to analyze who was most likely to leave each week. It's grown so I follow several blogs, news outlets, betting sites and Dial Idol (not the most accurate but can give you a good idea where the votes went the night before)....once I analyze everything (yeah, I’m lame enough to take notes)...I write up a review. My reviews are generally later than everyone else's (although I’m working on getting them done faster this year and not relying on second and third opinions), oftentimes getting them posted mere seconds before the results show starts. I guess I love it best when one of the contestants really nails their performance. I like seeing them grow and get better over the course of the show. Like one blogger I read says, "I love this cheesy show!" Now if I could just get paid for doing all this work....LOL! If that wasn’t enough (and sometimes it isn’t on the boring nights or the nights with some of those hyena-laughing drama queens), I get to spend a couple of nights a week watching it with a good friend of mine and discussing it with her on MSN. Now THAT’S the best thing in the world about this cheesy show.

EDIT: 03/05/09 @ 10:19PM: For those that have pointed out my graphic work...thank you, I'd forgotten. It's been so long since I worked on anything for anyone other than myself.

Some of the work can be seen on one of these three sites:

it's really kinda simplistic though....anyone with a good Paint program can do.


Toriz said...

Interesting questions, and great answers.

I used to do counted cross stitch. I loved doing it. I was about 14 when I started doing it. I still have a couple of the things I did around. I can't do it any more though. I can't even make up patterns now because finding the holes on the canvas is next to impossible so takes the fun out of trying. So I gave the stuff to my Grandma since she enjoys doing things like that when she doesn't have any other projects on the go.

Deanna said...

I've seen your work over the years. You are talented, lady.
Oh, and the d@#n hyena is back on Idol. I was so pissed when they brought her back! So undeserving!

Intense Guy said...

*checks his pockets for a couple shiny lincoln copper cents... ahh.. got 'em!*

You are talented - and you actually omitted your graphical artwork.... You photoshop with the best of 'em!

As for Idol - well... each of us has our OCDs.... :)

Karla said...

You are very talented! I love those ornaments you sent me a few years ago!!! They are the best part of my Christmas tree.

*agrees with Iggy about all of us having our own OCDs*

AliceKay said...

OCDs? (i think i missed something along the way)

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you creative!

Love the profile pic! Good job!

Anonymous said...

That was incredibly interesting. I used to do counted cross stitch too but I haven't done any in years. I have about 15 opened kits and about 7 of them have been started and never finished.

You are just a crafty gal through and through.

ChicagoLady said...

What's a lath art piece?

Yeah, you didn't mention any of your graphics that you've worked on, banners and blog backgrounds, etc.

You're really good at all your artsy stuff!

Addicted to Idol???? NEVER!!!!!!

Wendyburd1 said...

I love both arts and crafts! You carved those plaster pieces, WOW! I had to work once in high school with plaster and could only manage to carve a cartoonish looking rabbit, it was so powdery it made me nervous carving it! I have so much regret of all the pieces of art I never took pictures of, and don't have anymore. I made 3-D models of a stereo system and a mailbox using only balsa wood and glue and have no pitures, everything I made in 3-D Art, all the sculptures, I have no pics of and man do I regret it.

I can't sew a stitch, okay a button I can do but that is it!

LadyStyx said...

Oh no no carving! I buy 'em thru Michaels, JoAnns etc and paint them. Im good but I aint *THAT* good!

LadyStyx said...

Thanks Tori! I understand the frustration about not finding the holes in the fabric. Im wondering if you wouldnt be able to manage the plastic crafts. The holes are larger and might be easier for you to work with. I seem to recall someone in Blogger doing that kind of artwork.

Thank you punkn! Yeah...rumor is they only brought her back for one last hit of drama. So glad she's gone now.

Aww thanks iggy. I added the graphix links to the entry. Thank you for reminding me of that. OCD on Idol...LOL! Love it!

LOL Karla! Glad you like 'em.

LOL Alice! They're just saying Im addicted to Idol, dear. Im obsessive and compulsive about the silly show.

Im the same way blueviolet. I've got scads of kits and rarely finish even one. I think I've completed 6-7 kits in more than 2 decades. Thing is, I lose patience because I dont see any appreciable progress fast enough...unlike painting. With that you see the difference fast.

Thanks Chicago. LOL @ the sarcasm. I already sent her the answer to her question in her comment. For those that dont know go here:

Jess said...

American Idol - definitely not. Thanks for asking though!

I really like the look of some of your crafts though - I can't really see the christmas tree decorations, but they sound pretty, especially the glass balls. Do they come with a hole in to squeeze the paint in or do you make a tiny one?

The candles are gorgeous too. I'm really awed by the dedicationa dn time you've put in! I'm always flitting around from craze to craze.

LadyStyx said...

Jess: The glass balls actually already have a hole in them. If you squeeze the wire holder, it slides right out and takes the metal topper off with it. You just drip 3-4 drops of each paint you wanna use down along the inside edge (I found using 2 colors turns out nicer than using 3 colors). Allow the paint to run just to the bottom of the bottom of the ball (dont let it all settle to the bottom). Turn the ball on it's side and allow the colors to intermingle. Every 10-15 minutes rotate the ball 1/4 turn. Keep this up until the entire surface of the inside is painted (it can take hours so plan on other projects while you're waiting). Once inside is coated, turn the ball upside down and allow excess paint to drain out and allow to dry for more than 24 hours (36 is better). Once dry, squeeze the wire hanger doo-dads back together and slide into the opening on the ball and slip the metal topper back on the ball. Voila! Someone please remind me to write this all out in a blog entry at a later date (no not tomorrow iggy....wait a month! LOL). Im thinking I have some clear glass decorations in with my crafts and will paint a dozen or so and take pictures as I go along....

Toriz said...

Don't know... Might be able to. But I wouldn't want to pay out good money for a kit then find I can't do them ones either. So I guess I'll stick to my knitting and such. :)


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