Just a quick entry

Friday's walk thru went ok. There's a bunch of things that need fixing (some little, some not so but nothing that would prevent us from moving in right away) and the landlady got them all jotted down as we went through the townhouse. As she was writing them up, she was taking photos of the existing damages. I asked if the previous people had a pet (there were a few suspicious stains that can be removed and several I wont be able to deal with) and she said that not as far as she knew but you never know what they may have snuck in but the carpets had been cleaned professionally (to the tune of $250) but Im not seeing it. She offered to provide a receipt as proof but just because she paid for it, doesnt necessarily mean they did a good job. I'll be taking a steam cleaner to those carpets as soon as we get the machine out of the truck on Monday. In any case, the ones I know wont come out with the cleaners, she took pictures of (a couple were DEFINITELY bleach stains and a couple that Im not sure what they were). The ones I can deal with will get treated with some peroxide and a white cloth and then the whole room will get a steam cleaning with an anti-allergen solution. The place has new locks on it and the land lady is going to have the post office come out and re-key the mail box as well (Im guessing the previous peeps didnt leave any of the keys...*shakes head*).

Later today, we'll be heading out to the townhome and taking measurements for the windows. All except the kitchen already have mini-blinds. I can see where they HAD them up at one point, but they're no longer there. My biggest worry is that I wont be able to find blinds that small. If you recall from the picture I posted before, there are 3 small windows that make up the bay in the kitchen. While we're at it, I want to get measurements for at least the bedroom windows so we can get room darkening drapes for in there. It'll need to be an early to bed night for us because hubby wants us to be up by 6am on Monday so we can go to breakfast before heading to the townhouse to wait for the movers. *makes note to pack some postit notes for labelling doors*. With any luck, we'll be fully moved in by Monday night or Tuesday at the latest...moved it but not necessarily completely set up. Ah well. I'll be taking some pix tomorrow before everything gets put in but I cant guarantee that I'll get them posted. I'll do my best though. It's a day off for hubby and he'll want time on the laptop...plus we'll have some things to do around here to get the apartment ready for the walk thru here.


Intense Guy said...

Begora! I better git a'going wid the wearin' o' da green 'n' such.

:-) Hope your move is going smoothly and the carpets are clean.

LadyStyx said...

:) Remember Easter is early this year...the end of this month.

Got some stuff today and we gotta be up early for the movers tomorrow. Carpets wont be cleaned until after the truck's unpacked because my steamer's not with us right now. I wish it was because I would have gotten them clean today.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad the walk through went ok, too bad about the carpets. That happens though, when you move in where someone else was living. Good luck getting everything unloaded from the truck and moved in. I know you'll be busy for a while getting your place all set up. We're patient (sort of).


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