day 13 complete

Calories burned: 363.4
trip miles: 10.38
average mph: 20.76

...and today's ride did NOT have the added incentive of me being pissed off at the neighbor. Tomorrow's the last day of the month so I'll have one more ride at level 1.5 on my bike and starting Saturday I'll be on level 2 tension. Im going to see how well Im doing in 2 weeks time and decide whether or not I can take it up another half notch on the tension. At worst, I expect I'll be able to increase tension once every month.

While we were out to supper a couple nights ago, hubby saw something interesting on ABC News while he was up at the bar sneaking a smoke. When he got back to the table he told me about it and so I looked up the website. I really wish I'd known about these web addies before the campaigning started. It would have saved me a bit of grief....not to mention saving my sanity.
I'm leaving the links in here for you to peruse at your own leisure.

Oh and iggy gave me an award today in his blog....I've added it to my awards area (they've been shuffled around so the most recent ones will be first in the list). If you click the award, it'll take you to the entry he gave it to me in. Thank you very much iggy!


ChicagoLady said...

I've been fortunate, I've only received one call that I know about regarding the election. And since IL still allows recorded message calls or "robo calls", the ones I used to get for the last election were mostly recorded messages, and I always hung up on those. But they did get old very quickly.

Good job on the biking! Keep it up!

Toriz said...

Great job on the biking! :)

Intense Guy said...

I had someone come to door last night to convince me to vote for someone - I told him I was undecided between Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbelle and an orange traffic safety cone. You should have seen the look on his face... Anyway he stood out in the cold talking to no one in particular for twn minutes before he shoved off.

You might want to slip in another column in your spreadsheet for tension setting, a good NASCAR team keeps that sort of data you know.


Deanna said...


For some reason the robo callers and surveyors have left us basically alone this election. I have, however, worn out the mute button on my television remote control.


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