a little of this, a little of that...thankyouverymuch

Thank you for the kind words in the previous entry. . After seeing some of the responses out there, I personally think it comes across as really shallow as I look at it and see alot of me me me me written. It took hours to draft it and word things just right. I ended up working it backwards because I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted in the last grouping. When I got to the careers one, I nearly stalled out. I found out that one of the jobs I'd had before was quite a bit like a dream job and I really wish I was back at it. I had minimal management hanging over my shoulder and I was pretty much left to deal with things as I saw fit....and I was damn good at the job. Things have changed with that particular chain of stores though and the job is nothing like it was before so Im not certain how well I'd enjoy that work anymore.

The travelling one was hard to condense what I'd wish for down so it fit the parameters of the exercise. Once I realized that a good many of my wishes there dealt with me talking to myself....I just kinda lumped them into one. Cheating, maybe, but all were important and some alot more telling than others. The first section was actually the hardest of all of them. Most of what I truly wish for pretty much fits in the last sections of the questionnaire. The first section was also the section I was most afraid would come off terribly shallow....because that's where it would be the easiest place to do it.

On to other things. Sunday we got my new bike put together and I've been really faithful at my recumbent bike all set up and ready to ridegetting on the bugger daily. Over the last 5 days, my average mph has gone from a 12.88 to a 15.72. Actually, it's more like a 16.42 if you don't count the very first day because the seat wasnt really set at the proper spot for me to pedal comfortably (it was set for slightly longer legs). I am being really good at making sure to do my pedalling for 30 minutes a day. It's not straight through as I sometimes need a break or three along the way.

This week's shot wasnt all that bad. I had very minimal reaction to it for a change and it didnt itch into the next day which was great. The nurse had been in touch with the dr covering for my allergist and they'd said that if Im having reactions into the next day and later that I need to repeat the dosage until there is hardly any reaction ( a lump 10 mm or SMALLER and barely any itching). What's this mean? It means that more than likely 2-3 weeks of the same dosages until the body adjusts. The nurse told me she's seen some whose bodies would fight an fight and then all of a sudden everything gets to be smooth sailing so who knows. I've noticed, however, that when I catch a meal beforehand there is barely any reaction at all. I told her about it and suggested she may keep it in the back of her mind for the next patient that comes along and has problems. This week I ate before I got the shot and will do it again next week. I dont know if it's coincidence or not but if it helps Im all for it right about now.

license plate on a vehicle that says 2SHAYWhile we were in the dr's office I saw a vanity license plate that was too cute. The question I have is, is it written that way because the vehicle was a gift to a loved one named or with the nickname Shay? OR is it entirely possible this vehicle was gotten by divorce or other means and the plate is simply a cutesy way of saying touche (pronounced too-shay)? I see other really neat plates around here. On Tuesday I saw one I wish I had thought of getting for my husband's truck....it said "No Beans". *laffz*

The folliage has been quite lovely here, now that it's decided to get cold enough for a majority of smallish trees with yellow leaves, half of which have already fallen to the groundthe leaves to turn. The trees around the doctor's office have lost about half their leaves already. What a change in a week's time that was. Is it me or are the days going by really fast? Seems like it was just a few weeks ago we moved in here and now nearly 8 months have passed. Im hearing that some points north have been getting snow inducing temps already so it shouldnt be to much longer here. Already were getting days in the 50s and 60s with 40s overnight.

Sometime last week ago or so I grabbed a picture of the Logan's Logan's restaurant as shot from the road, all 3 fountains visible in the retention pondrestaurant as seen from the road. The covered area to the right is outdoor seating. The parking is around the rear of the building and that porch wraps almost clear around the building. I think we'll be going to lunch there tomorrow after we go in for our flu shots. Usually I try to time all my dr visits for the beginning of the week. However, since Im having allergy shots, I cant have any other kind of shot on the same day. In fact, there's a 96 hour buffer zone where I cant get any shots of any kind. From 48 hours beforehand to 48 hours afterwards, Im a shotfree zone. Since the dr's office has a walk in clinic for shots only on M-W-F for the flu shots....this leaves me only Fridays when I can go in for my shot. *sigh* Not that I truly WANT another needle, I do know that it will be good for me in the long run. Especially since I tend to catch colds and illnesses really quick.

I was reading in Jess's blog the other day and she chose to write about the fun and benefits of sunglasses. Kudos on the entry dear. You are completely right with the connection on sunlight a wood box for outgoing mail, painted blue and lettered OUT in white with 5 sunglasses hanging off it within reach of the front doorand cararacts. My now ex ended up developing those on both eyes in his mid-30s. I always suspected that it was because we'd moved to Louisiana and even in the bright sun he refused to wear some eye protection. Prescription glasses were too expensive and he refused to wear the ones that would go over his glasses and wrap around the sides. Anyhow, I treat sunglasses like jewelry. I have several pairs hanging by the door, a pair on hubby's desk for repair and spare pairs in each of the 2 vehicles. There are a total of 8 pairs I believe. One is even a fun leopard print and one pair has a rosy tint to them. The rose ones are used on cloudy days. Oh wait...I have 9 pairs! There is a light blue tinted pair on my desk for when the monitor is bothering my eyes.

Full moon partially covered in clods with a red tint in the skyBecause of the hours we are running over here, it's gotten to be a bit of a squeeze getting things done on Tuesdays anymore. I've taken to getting my shots a bit later in the day so hubby can have a couple extra hours of sleep. On a normal Tuesday, we'd taken to getting my shot then going to supper then to WalMart and finally to the grocery store. Well we discovered a couple weeks ago that this was simply going to have to be reworked if we were going to be home for our shows at 8pm. A couple of weeks ago, before we'd adjusted the schedule somewhat, we'd just pulled into the grocery store when I looked up and saw the most beautiful moon I'd seen in a while.


Intense Guy said...

The 4x4 was supposed to be YOUR wishes so if there was some "me me me me" in it, it was suppose to to to to!


I'm glad you are doing so well on the bike - I'm impressed! I could never do 30 minutes on a stationary anything without going (more) nuts.

I like that licence plate - more possible meanings might be like a toast, "To Shay!" or even to a train buff that likes Shay steam locomotives of which there are some in West Virginia. Cass Historical Steam Trains

I want to "do lunch" at that restaurant some day. It looks really cool.

Pamela said...

In addition to beginning cataracts, I have freckles in my eyes. It wasn't until a few years ago - I got a new eye doctor - that I knew that I needed to wear sun glasses to protect my freckles. They are subject to the same carcinoma as seen on faces, hands, backs, etc. Just much harder to treat.

The ash trees in our neighbors yard had leaves yesterday morning when I left for work. Gone when I came home.

LadyStyx said...

Lemme know when ya in the area iggy, maybe something can be arranged :)

Welcome Pam! So glad you popped into my site. I've been lurking in yours for a while. I hope you dont mind. You got some really neat stuff over there.

Never heard of freckles in the eyes. It makes sense that they'd be just as sensitive as freckled skin.

ChicagoLady said...

Good job on the bike! Do you do anything while you're biking, to pass the time? Watch tv, read, listen to music? Maybe a nice video of scenery might help?

I'm glad the shots seem to be going better for you now.

Maybe the people's last name is Shay, and that's their second car? The first one says 1 Shay?

That's a lot of sunglasses! I have one pair that are almost always in my car. I have maybe 2 pairs that are in a drawer that I bought as spares. But I haven't really needed them yet, as I'm not that hard on sunglasses.

Beautiful moon! I saw a cool one about a week ago, partly behind some clouds, but of course I wasn't home and didn't have my camera with me. When do I ever have my camera with me? LOL

AliceKay said...

Great shot of the moon. I've seen some good moon shots lately, but my camera just doesn't pick them up very well.

Good luck with the bike. I had to do 10 minutes on a bike like that at physical therapy as soon as I arrived for each visit, and after not riding a bike in a few years, my heart was pounding and my legs were burning by the time I got off of there. :\ (they never checked my heart rate once the whole 8 weeks I was at physical therapy, even tho my chart must have said something about the little valve problem i have)

I hope the shots continue to go well for you. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Your answers didn't seem shallow to me. You're entitled to have your wishes be about yourself.

I don't bother with my flu jab. I always catch whatever's going around anyway, and the last couple of years that I had the jab I was so ill I was stuck in bed most of the time from my birthday to the new year. And one year I actually ended up getting pneumonia soon after having the flu jab. So I refused to have it any more. The worst I've had since has been a small dose of flu (but not enough to have me stuck in bed for more than a day or two, if that). It might just be coincidence, but *shrugs* why have yet another trip to the doctor if I'm just going to get ill anyway?

I had a collection like that of hats... Baseball caps. I've never liked to wear sunglasses because they were either not dark enough to protect my eyes or too dark so I couldn't see through them. But being photophobic I had to wear something to shield my eyes. Hence the hat collection. I got rid of most of the hats when I had the op in July though. Kept my favourites, but gave most of them to charity. It was my way of saying "I don't 'have to' wear them any more" if you know what I mean.

Deanna said...

Good luck with the bike - you are off to a GREAT start!

I've been admiring the moon, too, but haven't been able to get a good shot. You seem to have a special talent with that magical camera of yours.

MarmiteToasty said...

Great news on the bike, me, I have to use what they lovingly call 'Mels Spazmo Bike' at the hospital lmfao.... it has one spocket/pedal thats adjustable cos I dont have the bend lol....

I so wish we could just have those cool made up number plates over here....

I wanna come to lunch with you and iggy lmfao



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