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The cartoon character Shoe having a conversation with his scale and the scale noticing Shoe doesnt exercise because he's got moss growing on his northside. Oh how I know that feeling! I mentioned a couple weeks back to Chicago that I was looking at getting a recumbent exercise bike. I had one all picked out at that point on the WalMart site and all I had to do is order it. After a discussion with hubby, it was decided that he'd put it on the WalMart card. So I figured he'd get right to it. Ummmhmm. I finally mentioned it once too often and he handed over the card so I could place the order. We're having it delivered to the Wally World right down the road from us. We could have had it delivered here for an extra fee but we were afraid they'd want to deliver on a Monday or Tuesday and the next 2 Mondays and Tuesdays are all tied up with doctor appointments. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm tired of my legs and corresponding joints giving me fits. Most of all Im tired of not being comfortable walking and standing. Like Mr Lockhorn is saying in the comic to the right "My body is in perfect balance...everything is falling apart at the same time."

The weather has been nice here. Last week was Moochie yells into the house telling Earl the leaves are changing color and by the time Earl comes out, Moochie says ahh, you missed it.nicer than this week. This week it warmed up some and we've had to shut the windows and turn the AC back on again. I'm not overly happy with that. I was enjoying the nice fresh air we were getting. It was a very nice change of pace. I was kinda hoping the trees in the area would show us some nice bright colors this year, Texas never had it that's for sure. However, so far this year, we've had some yellows and asgoodasdead browns. There are already leaves on the ground and some of the trees are bare in less than a week's time.

A man, standing in hell with people on the phone to the left and the devil to the right. The devil has his arm around the guy's shoulder and is saying ...and this is the final ring of hell...telemarketers.Thanks to the upcoming election here in the states, my phone (and my doorbell) has been ringing seemingly nonstop. As much as I'd like to say that I'm getting it from both parties, I'm not. I do want to thank the party that's been harrassing me, it's a real good way to get me to vote for anyone other than your candidate. I got so annoyed the day before yesterday that I dug up on the Comcast website instructions on how to block certain calls and ya know? It's been a real peaceful Two men in shackles in a prison and one is hanging upside down. He's telling the other prisoner...They gave me a choice...it was either this or watch political debatescouple of days. As for the doorbell, I'm about ready to answer it while naked. With any luck it'll scare the volunteers littering my yard with their crappy fliers as well as any potential annoying "Witnesses" away. I will be so damn glad when this election is over with. Oh, and before anyone slams me for not liking their candidate because the volunteers are harrassing me constantly, I can't stand either one of the main choices this time around (whether they're harrassing me or not)....not one bit.

Got an email the other day from home. Seems the ex wrote and has had a parole hearing earlier this month and that "things looked good" for his release. However, ALL paroles and approved releases were put on hold because an earlier parolee had killed a cop at a traffic stop. All prisoners that had been approved for work outside the prison walls were recalled from their jobs as well. Now, as much as I'd like to have them keep him locked away forever, why should those who have done their time....and made steps to rehabilitation....be punished for the one creep that couldn't keep his actions in check? The letter went on to say that all the property that had been left at the apartment that he was renting prior to his arrest had gone to a sister's house and then eventually to his folks house. From what I gather, that's where he'll be released to when he finally gets out. Here I was under the impression he'd have to stay in the state of his incarceration for a few years before he could leave and file as a sex-offender. Maybe I was mistaken? Or maybe they failed to mention this to him yet? This is, however, possible good news though as Im in hopes that he'll still have a few of the items that I'd left behind and will be nice enough to send them along to my family. Then again, knowing how he is, it's more than likely he was just saying what he thought they wanted to hear. *SHRUGZ*


ChicagoLady said...

Nice alliteration in the title, lol.

Good luck with the recumbent bicycle. I hope it helps the parts that ail ya.

All this warm weather is because of a deep low pressure system in the west that is piling snow in Montana and Wyoming, causing a high pressure system to sit on the midwest and eastern half of the country. I'm sure it will cool down a bit soon.

I love being on the Do Not Call list. I don't get any annoying calls from either party, and being in an apt, I get no solicitors at the door either. It seems just about everyone I talk to is not pleased with either candidate this year. There will be a lot of undecideds at the polls this year.

LadyStyx said...


We're on the Do Not Call list also, however if it's a company you've done business with, a charity or pollsters...then they say they're "exempt" from the list. I've had calls from an AIDS foundation (AFCA), the police dept, the troopers, the fire department, the Purple Heart Society (MOPHSF) and friggin Wyndham vacations calling here. MOPHSF and AFCA are the absolute worst, calling at all hours everyday and sometimes more than once a day. It's harrassment plain and simple. Before anyone says, "well then just donate"....donating just makes things worse and the number of charities calling doubles or triples. Personally, if you're on the Do Not Call registry, NO ONE should be allowed to call you unless you're doing business with them (like the monthly call from Catherine's). It's not every.damn.day. *sigh*

AliceKay said...

You're right about the Do Not Call list, Styxie. I get calls all the time from non-profit organizations and companies I have dealt with in the past. Certain charities I give to on a regular basis...others I don't and simply can't. And if someone running for office came to my door, I would probably think twice about voting for that particular candidate. I don't like being harrassed...by phone or personal visits. This is my home and my phone and I don't like having either being used as an invitation for someone to bother me.

I hope things go okay for you on that last part of your post. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I love that hanging upside down in shackles comic - I would go just as far as that to have the political ads removed from TV.

I only use my landline for the computer - and it has call waiting but no telephone connected to it - so, if *they* are calling me - I'll never know. As for the folks at the door - I have a card with the law about trespassing printed on it - and I open it and give them their one notice to leave the property immediately or they will be trespassing and the cops will be called. Most of them leave ASAP - one found out the cops actually do come (eventually) and got himself cited. I'm a onery when it comes to MY PROPERTY - even the Avon lady got cited leaving her brochure (litter) on my driveway. Her name and address was printed on it - it was an open and shut case but it took 5 calls to the cops to get the anti-littering law enforced.

I hope the bike does you a world of good Styxie!

Jess said...

I love it when people phone you up to try and sell you stuff!!
if you're feeling boring you can ask them irrtating questions then hang up in the middle of their reply.
Or you can pretend to not understand what they see and be old and doddery and tell long story!
The possibilities are endless!

You can always do the good old leave the phone in a quiet room and leave the person talking to themselves.

Do keep yourself away from that don't call me list. You need to get your kicks from somehwere!

LadyStyx said...

Good idea iggy!

*LAFFZ* @ Jess's ideas! I wish I'd thought of those.

Karla said...

Good luck with the bike. I use to have one of those but never had time to use it with two little ones running around. I think they played on it more than I used it LOL

And I'm with you. neither candidate is making me happy. Besides, all their promises can't be kept unless congress agrees with them so to me it's all empty promises!

Toriz said...

The last time someone tried to phone me to get me to sign me up for their organisation (can't remember what it was to do with) I told them I'd call the police and report them for harassment. They never called again. LOL!

As for people at the door. I play dumb to the leaflets they're trying to hand me. I know they're trying to give them to me, and could grab for them if I wanted to, but I don't. So I play the "what leaflet?" game. About the point they're getting fed up I point out that even if I was given the leaflet I couldn't read it and would just let the dog tear it up or put it in the paper shredder so not to waste their time, my time, and the paper on giving me the leaflet. They go away after that and don't come back again.

I have more fun with the "witnesses" though. But that's another story. LOL!

I was going to get one of those bikes for when I'm better. But my Mam offered to bring her rowing machine down (since she doesn't really use it) instead, so it's now here waiting for me to have he energy to use it (and be allowed to put any kind of strain on my body, which I'm not allowed to right now in case I rip open the stitches).

Deanna said...

Living out in the middle of nowhere like I do, I don't have trouble with brochures being left on my door. But I sure do get a LOT of junk mail! For awhile I was posting "Return to Sender" on it and mailing it back to them but now I just pitch it. When I get unwanted calls I ask for their home phone number so I can call them back when it is convenient for me - that is usually met with silence lol.

Toriz said...

LOL Punkn!


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