just some pictures

The first picture was taken from the deck at the Logan's restaurant down the road from us. They (the fountains ...to clarify for the easily confused) are located in a pond near the entrance to the Bull Run Plaza. The other 3 are some of the flowers that were outside of a TGIFridays. Not sure what they all are, I just know that they grabbed my attention and are really pretty.


ChicagoLady said...

For being one who is so easily confused, the fountains are very pretty. We have lots of retention ponds here, in just about every subdivision, and outside many businesses. Almost all of them have at least one fountain.

The yellow-orange flowers sort of remind me of marigolds, but I'm not sure if they would be blooming in Autumn. The pink ones remind me of a pansy or something in that family. I'm no flower expert, so I'd need to do some searching to try to figure out what they are. But they are pretty.

Intense Guy said...

That look like marigolds and 'tunias to me too... I don't know what the tall stemmed flower is.

Looks like a neat place to eat if this is the view. I think they use fountains in pools like this to keep the algae down and the geese out - just a theory though.

AliceKay said...

The big green plant in the first picture is a hosta. I have one right outside this window. And I see marigolds in those other two pics. And they would still be in bloom down Styxie's way yet. She is warmer than us, chicagolady. (other than that...i dont know my flowers)

LadyStyx said...

We have quite a few retention ponds here too. Got a picture of some "white chin strap ducks" today in one of the other ponds. The flock had about 20-25 birds in it.

Yes, iggy. It's a nice place to eat. It's not a place I would take my SCSis because of the country music playing, but I would take anyone else too. In nice weather, you can eat out on the deck and watch the fountains.

I thought that was a hosta, Alice, but I'd never seen one with the tall stem and bloom...I'd only seen the leaves part of the plant in pictures. Yes, it's a bit warmer down here, but many times it's not much warmer. We've been having 70's temps lately (Lovin it!). It's so nice we have the windows open and the A.C. off (the fans are kept going though). Right now, it's about 67 or so out and lovely. We need a jacket in the shade (for those that get cold easy) but not out in the sunlight.

AliceKay said...

I trimmed a lot of dead stems off of my hosta yesterday, but there are still lots more to die off. I took pics of it this summer with the pretty little light purple flowers on the ends, but I don't believe I ever got them posted. They were on the camera card that messed up, I think. I'll have to go check. We are under a freeze warning up this way tonight. I've already covered my flowers for tonight to see if I can keep them a little bit longer.


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