for those keeping track

Calories burned: 344.8
trip miles: 9.85
ave mph: 19.7

another good ride today. It's getting a little easier. Cold today, in the low 40's . Actually needed to wear a slightly heavier coat when we went shopping.

*reminds self that Virginia's not as dry as Texas*


ChicagoLady said...

It was FREAKIN cold today! High of 44F????? It IS still October, right? Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Toriz said...

Glad the bike riding's going so well. :)

It's really cold here too!

Karla said...

sounds like your doing good on the bike.
Nights have been cold..into the 40's but the humidity is staying down around 10-20%...oh wait is that cause I live in Texas? :-)

Intense Guy said...

It snowed this morning. It fkng snowed this morning - those Global Warming folks really have their work cut out for themselves.

Deanna said...

lol global whating?
No snow here, but I sure have been cold.
Keep on that bike styxie - you are doing GREAT!


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