I've been WHAT??

Ok, most people know my feelings on the memes, games and tags. For those that dont, I dont generally like them at all so it's not usually in anyone's best interest to "tag" me. My feelings are, if I like the game or questionnaire...I'll put it in my own blog and share with my friends. If I dont, I wont bother. I have friends from several different circles and many times I see these "games" a good 2-3 times in my email inbox. The one I got tagged with this time, I've seen no fewer than 5 times on different occasions. My general response is much like the donkey...you try to drag or push them to do something and what do they do? They set their heels and you cant get them to do anything you want. I've been this way my whole life. HOWEVER, this one was particularly thought provoking in that I really needed to dig deep in an effort to not sound overly shallow. Im afraid that I more than likely failed in this aspect.

Top four wishes

In no particular order, I wish...
01) ...that this election year was OVER. Is it me or do they start sooner and sooner? All I know is that Im tired of the mudslinging ads and the ad nauseum calls.

02) ...that everyone had enough of what ever they needed. Money, food, shelter, clothes, health, friends, love, etc etc etc

03) ...that I could have brought my "kids" from my last marriage with me...I miss them so much.

04) ...I had gone to school and planned ahead for my future.

Four places I want to travel

01) I want to take a trip like one of my chat friends did and visit 2-3 days with everyone that makes a point of commenting on my blog. It would be great to see those that I havent had the pleasure to meet, face to face.

02) I'd like to go on a "Killing inner demons" trip sometime. Those of you that know some of my background know exactly what that means. I expect I'd come back to Virginia a good 5-10 pounds lighter because I'd be sick most of the time I'm sure. It'd do me good to face some of those problems again and realize that they can NOT hurt me any longer.

03) I'd like to go back in time and have a stern talking to with myself. I'd tell her:
* rely on your friends and family..tell them the truth and dont gloss things over for them, you'll need them in short order when something bad happens and then this way they wont be shocked when things go finally down
* to talk to her family about medical problems and keep a journal about them...it's going to become handy in the long run
* that her life isnt going to be as short as she thinks it will be, it'd be better to make plans and start caring for herself now
* to go with her gut reaction, if she think the person is a jerk then they are...and no amount of moving or compromising is going to fix the problems
* to not EVER feel obligated just because you dont want to upset people, if it feels wrong then it more than likely is
* that yes, she will eventually be very very happy

Then I'd go and deck my family physician for telling my family for so long that my weight issue was "just baby fat" and that "it'll fall off eventually". If the kid's fat then tell the parents....dont gloss it over and give false hope, it doesnt help anyone in the long run.

04) Somewhere exotic where the animals roam free. I'd love to see them in their natural habitat before it (and they) all disappear forever.

Four Careers I want to try

01) A renowned photographer. As much as I'd like to blame iggy for this one, I can't. I've always liked taking pictures and my favorite subjects have always been animals. Anyone who's been through my Photobucket files can attest to that. Any time we go to a touristy place, I have the camera out.

02) I'd love to be a graphic artist. Although Im creative, Im not quite creative enough. Sometimes my brains stalls out so Im not certain how well I'd do. So much to learn.

03) A movie/ music critic. *Laffz* I know, it's not as though Im not doing that a bit already with American Idol, but it would be nice to be paid for my opinions. All I know is that I dont mind putting the work in and I dont have to answer to anyone which is fine by me.

04) Design. Set design, layouts in a store, display design...anything that means I can work alone or with a minimum number of people around. Im the "getthehellouttamywaysoIcandomyjob" type of person so the fewer people around the better. Im also not good for manager jobs as the inner Leo takes over and then EVERYONE's unhappy. I have an eye for detail that tends to drive the bosses nuts too, so it's good to have minimal supervision as well.

Four things I'd like God to say at the gates of Heaven

01) No that one decade wasn't all your fault. He was just a test and granted you didnt do so well in the beginning you pulled it together in the end.

02) Mimi's doing great. She wanted me to tell you that she was so glad that she got to see you that one last time during your wedding and she was happy you didnt come in January. It would have broke her heart to see you sad again. Oh...and she's wondering if you brought more Diet Coke and a bottle of Scotch.

03) Jaja says that he understands that obligations get in the way of family trips so quit beating yourself up over it . It's been almost 10 years for goodness sakes so quit your cryin, come on down to the pond, and have a seat as he's got plenty of mini-marshmallows so the both of you can feed the geese.

04) No, my daughter, that body that always fought against you while you were on Earth is not standard issue here. Once you pass through The Gates, everything gets upgraded and overhauled. Go ahead and see for yourself. Dont worry about friends and family in there not recognizing you after the changes. Trust me, they'll know you from a mile off no matter what.

Now...for the tagging. I absolutely refuse to tag any one specific person. Mostly because almost everyone that's in my follow list has already been tagged and those that werent I dont know well enough to comment in their blogs, much less tag them. So I tag you, you, You and YOU!
If you've done it already, great... go you!

If you havent, consider yourself tagged again. Hey if I can do this then you can too.
And for those of you who are gonna be party poopers about this and not do it? *pbbbbt* We love you anyhow.


Deanna said...

LOL Styxie, I'm glad I tagged you even though I knew you don't generally do these. I thought it was thought provoking enough to give it a shot and knew your answers would be great.
Great answers - you sure did dig deep! Hope others play along cuz I love seeing the responses.

ChicagoLady said...

And you were worried about your answers sounding shallow? Far from it!!!! Now I'm concerned my answers will sound shallow compared to yours!

Intense Guy said...

I agree - this is as far as you can get from being shallow.

I think I liked all of your #1 entries at lot, starting with your wish that the election was over already. I think they did start campaigning early just as they have started voting early. I really, really hope this doesn't follow the trend that Christmas / Halloween decorations have set.

I also think you would be an excellent and renowned photographer.

After you kill your inner demons, would you mind stopping by and giving me some tips?

LadyStyx said...

thank you...the response is getting long so I think I'll give it it's own entry...

MarmiteToasty said...

Wow, this is all fantasic, shallow, my arse....... wouldnt it be great to all meet up for a few days lol..... probably end up hating each other though lmfao hahahahahaha



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