breakfast, books, letters, and movies

Calories burned: 398.3
trip miles: 11.38
ave mph: 22.76

That is the last day of tension level 3. Tomorrow, we step it up another level. This ride is the second fastest for the month.

Yesterday, hubby and I went out for breakfast at the buffet in the strip mall behind us. While we were out, we stopped off at McKays Secondhand books. As has been my habit, I made straight for the youth books and what do you think I found? All the rest of the Black Stallion books save 3. Best yet was that I found the very next book I was needing (Ive been looking for that bugger for the last 2 months!!!).

Well the other day I got my letter from wifey. I'd been hoping for an easy letter and imagine my surprise when I got an extremely easy letter to work with. So easy infact, that Im having a heck of a time limiting myself to just 10! Once I get everything written in and the pix to go with it, we're looking at yet another marathon entry... the War and Peace of entries! Certainly ya'll dont want that. Im considering breaking it up into several smaller entries (assuming I can get narrowed DOWN to 10 which I suspect I wont be able to).

Today TNT (one of the cables stations here in doodle land) was playing...I should say is playing....the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. They started around 1130am and are just now reaching the last of the movies. If I'd have known, I would have gotten up a bit sooner and come straight downstairs to watch. I cant complain though, I caught about 2/3 of the first movie and all of the second.


Intense Guy said...

Ah! an excellent ride! You are getting "tenser"!!

I look forward to all your favorite "M"s... Will M&M's be on the list? time will tell!

I've only seen the last LOTR movies and I remember coming out of the theater stunned by the visual magic of it all. Maybe I'll see the first two films someday.


ChicagoLady said...

WTG on the bike ride today!

*Goes off to do something else since I figure your entry(ies) won't be done till tomorrow, lol*

AliceKay said...

That's pretty cool finding those books you wanted.

And oh boy....a marathon entry for me to catch up on soon. :) (help me...i've fallen and i can't get up) LOL

AliceKay said...

would you look at that!!!! all 3 of us posted comments at the same exact time!!

The Wife O Riley said...

I have a used book store right by my work, let me know which ones you're looking for and I'll go take a look.

Toriz said...

WTG on your bike ride. :)

And I'm glad you found some of the books you were looking for. :)


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