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So Friday was a semi-longish day. It started with an alarm going off around 730am or so. Not that it mattered because I was awake around 645am. This is a bit earlier than normal as most of my friends can tell you as Im notoriously a night owl. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) I've been getting my tush to bed before midnight for almost a week now....actually closer to 1030-11pm. It actually feels good for a change. I could still use an hour or so extra but Im catching up on some of the zzzs that I usually dont get.

We got ready and left around 8am to go to the Imaging center for my scan. The appointment wasnt until 930am but the traffic is always horrendous that time of day (they keep sending us out the the Fair Oaks offices...). Good thing we left early because not only was the traffic bad, but the building was a bit hidden out of the way. Hubby walked me in to be sure I didnt get lost (I get lost easily) and then left for his own appointment (he was getting his stitches out). I wont go into this appointment here (that one probe though...oh my!! all I could think of was when did I get abducted by aliens????)...details about it are in the Journey. Remember to read the banner in there before you get into the entry. It's there for a purpose. When I got out, hubby was waiting on me...stitch-free.

Breakfast was at the Silver Diner (http://www.silverdiner.com/index.html ). I had the most yummy french toast with fresh strawberries EVER. Im not going to fuss that I went off my diet because Im allowed 2 starches for every meal...and 2 slices of toast cut diagonally into 4 pieces of french toast counts! Plus there was 1 cup of fresh fruit and hubby gave me one piece of breakfast sausage (ok, that was naughty but it was less than the 2 ounces Im allowed). So yeah, I had a good meal before going in for my shot.

After breakfast, we headed out to the dr's office. The last few days I havent felt 100% at all. My left ear had been aching off and on and the spot just under my earlobe and down the side of my neck had been aching as well. Now, before anyone worries, this has been a common thing for me lately. The sinuses get aggravated and back up behind that deviated septum and these are the 2 areas that hurt first. I've figured out that when they start bothering me, I've got about 2-3 days to fight it before it spreads to the other ear and becomes a full blown sinus infection. However, since it was a shot day...I figured I'd better see the dr just to be sure because if I was going to need antibiotics I was going to forego the allergy shot and get on the antibiotics pronto. The dr said I was just coming down with a bit of a cold and it wasnt anything to worry about. However, since things tended to go bad and fast with me it would be prudent to have some antibiotics in the house just in case...so she wrote a 'script, just incase. Oh! ~grinz~ and my stats:

BP : 139/71 (even after that appointment earlier and not having a chance to rest after checking in)....down from the 11/10 reading at the obgyn of 142/90 (where I had time to rest before going in to the exam room)

Weight: 279 pounds. This is with shoes on (I usually take em off as well as as many clothes as I can and stay modest in the dr's public areas), a full belly (I usually weigh empty), full ummm waste recepticles...(so! They called me really fast...I didnt have time to potty!!), and that stupid friggin bloat a woman gets once a month (that cant be helped ya know). Even with all that working against me....I weighed 279. DOWN from the 11/10 weigh in at the obgyn of 284 pounds. This means nearly 20 POUNDS GONE since August!!!! Most of it lost since October.

So the last couple days my back has been bothering me some. It wasnt in just one spot either. One was expected, just not as painful as it was. The other was more like the one I ended up having in early January 2007, just not to the point of sticking me in the hospital. I explained most of how it was feeling in the comments section of the last entry so I wont keep on about it today. I was so miserable when I got home Friday that I ended up crying which is the worst thing in the world to do when Im sick. All getting upset does is push my blood pressure up and if Im not feeling good when I start, I feel worse afterwards. Oh and this week's shot? Lumped up to 2" in diameter and itched all the way into last night and a bit into this morning. Yeah, Im sure getting upset didnt help matters there either.

today's ride:
Calories burned: 388.4
trip miles: 11.09
ave mph: 22.18

Yeah, Im feeling a bit better today even after an interrupted sleep period. I woke up bright and almost alert at 1235am...a mere 2 hours after crawling into bed. Was awakened when the alarm went off for hubby and then again at 630am...have been up ever since.


Queenie Jeannie said...

You're doing GREAT!!! Keep going! Soooooo proud of you!

Deanna said...

You are doing awesome Styxie. Twenty lbs. is totally amazing. I hope you get to feeling better very, very soon.

Toriz said...

You're doing awesome! Keep up the good work! And remember... It doesn't hurt to have something "naughty" from time to time.

Hope you're feeling better soon. *Hugs*

Intense Guy said...


Soon nothing will be left of you besides the "grin" :)

Hope you feel 100% soonest.


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