new level, weather, I can have sweets again!, they wanna what?

Calories burned: 355.3
trip miles: 10.15
ave mph: 20.3

Today was the first day of tension level 5 (look out ya'll, I'm getting tenser!!!). It's a pretty good ride for a first day on a new level. This level will be carrying into the new year as next week we may be headed to Tennessee for the holidays and I wont be riding for at least 6 days. It's going to take a bit to get me back up and riding again after that I'm sure so I'm just going to take it right to the 15Th of January to make sure I'm in proper shape for level 6.

The weather yesterday was wonderful. I'd bundled up to go for my appointment at the dietitian and didn't even need the winter coat. I ended up ditching it and just going in my shirt sleeves because it was so warm (66 degrees!). Today? *laffz* Today it was so cold I had to wear my Jammie bottoms to keep warm inside. They're calling for rain and 60s by Friday, temps in the high 40s and rain on Saturday and then low 40s and snow by Sunday. No freaking wonder I've been in and out of not feeling well. Thankfully the Dr wrote me a 'script on Friday for an antibiotic, just in case. I suspect I may just need it by next week. With the way my ear's been acting, I may just take it anyhow just to be sure.

As you could tell by yesterday's first entry, I was a little jazzed up on my appointment. The dietitian was very very happy with me. We sat down and went through my food diary and she nitpicked here and there but saw alot of what I was doing RIGHT (which I hadn't been doing before). She was thrilled about my biking, about the fact that I increase the tension every 15 days, and even more thrilled that I'm tracking it on a spreadsheet as well as listing the day's ride in the food diary. She high lighted some problem areas to watch out for and gave me other options for those choices I had made. She's told me that I now need to really watch my fiber and gave me a target to reach everyday on that. It'll be easy to reach if I just increase the amount of bread I Each slice is 5 grams of fiber each.....and the Total cereal (mmm Cinnamon, yummy) I've been eating lately will help out there too. She's also told me I need to increase the amount of fruits and veggies I've been eating....well not so much the veggies because a good many are gotten in my daily salad and now that we're hitting winter, there'll be a bowl of soup with veggies in it daily. She DID add, however, something I've been hoping for. I'm allowed (as opposed to eating them when I know she said not to) the occasional treat again....there are only 2 rules. 1) It cannot be more than 100 calories (yeah right) and 2) it must not be every day. I think I'll be trying to stay the course and do without though because I know me and my sweets. Since October, I've only had maybe 4 treats total and only one swig of diet caffeine free Coke.

Well we did get some bad news yesterday. Not only has hubby's company mostly closed the plant in Boise and rearranged some of their work force....not only are they forcing their workers to use their vacation time (gotta love those companies that use timebanks) and not come in to work for 2-3 weeks, but now EVERYONE from the CEOs down to the first rung employees are getting a pay cut. At this point, it looks like this company's gonna do it right though. The ones getting the biggest cuts (20% of their salary) are the ones at the top of the ladder...the executive officers (damn well know the other company he worked for would NEVER have done that). In fact, a couple of them are voluntarily taking an additional 10% cut (for a total of 30% reduction in their salary). The rest of the pay cuts are going to be on a "sliding scale (?)" where each pay level is going to have a certain percentage taken....those at the bottom (new hires) shouldn't be losing anymore than 1%. Now this doesn't seem like alot, but considering that he only got a 6% raise from his last job to this one AND we're in an area where things are more costly than the national average (compared to Garland where they sit a good 4% BELOW national average on most things)...this is a bit more than I'd like to see disappear from the check. On the other hand, I'm grateful that the upper levels of management seem to be bearing the brunt of this cut AND they haven't been talking lay-offs. That would be a killer.

I think that's about it for now.....

Everyone have a nice evening and stay safe n warm!


The Wife O Riley said...

Congrats on going to level 5! That is so impressive.

We are in the process of getting about 5" of snow right now, so 66 degrees sounds like a far away dream.

Everyone is making 100 calorie sweets now a days. You can get candy, soda, crackers and cookies. They can really satisfy that sweet tooth.

ChicagoLady said...

Wifey took the words right out of my mouth. There are 100 calorie packs of just about everything out there. Those would be perfect for when you get a craving for something sweet.

I'll trade you some snow for some warm weather.

AliceKay said...

It's snowing here tonight. Want some sent your way?

I hope that company doesn't end up having a layoff down the road. We have three major plants in the Towanda area. Today's paper's headline was about one of them asking for voluntary furloughs for 200 employees. Another plant has cut hours, and the third let several contract workers go last week.

Toriz said...

Congrats on moving up to level 5! :)

And hope you don't end up really ill over Christmas with the sinus infection that seems to be on its way! *Hugs*

I've cut down the treats I'm having, but I've done it in such a way that it's a case of I can have it if I want, but if I don't want it that's great! No calorie limits, etc! I'm actually really pleased with how few sweets I'm actually eating.

But - as Wifey and Chicago pointed out - there are plenty of low calorie "treats" available anyway!

Intense Guy said...

I'm wondering whats gonna happen when you get so tense you twist that knob right off the bike? :)

Way to go Styxie!!!!

You are inspiring a couple folks in my office and while you don't know them...each day they ask me, "Well? How she do? How far she get??!?"

And I'm always thrilled when I can give 'em a couple thumbs up, like today! :)

Deanna said...

You are an inspiration! It sounds like you have a really good dietician. It is amazing how you have consistently increased the tension and ride time. You are so on the right track!

LadyStyx said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

Re: those 100 cal snacks. Problem is, with my sweet tooth, it's just easier to keep them OUT of the house otherwise I'll be snarfin the whole box down in a sitting or two. It's best to just keep the temptation outta the house. It's bad enough I still have banana bread in my freezer (cut up into small snack sizes). Im doing really good with it because I'd have to THAW it before eating....which makes me wait...and not have the instant gratification that those little 100 cal baggies give me (especially those Oreo crisps!!).

Alice me too. They said in the meeting he had before moving that they werent anticipating layoffs. But I suspect they weren't expecting to have to absorb some of the Boise workers either...

Tori...I hope I dont end up ill either because I dont wanna be out travelling when it hits. Im half tempted to stay home and tell him if he wants to visit to go on his own. Just make sure I have enough of everything before he leaves. Knowing him, if I decide I dont wanna go because I dont feel good, he'll stay home to take care of me.

LOL twisting the knob off! I tend to doubt it iggy. You do know what to say to make a gal smile and cry all at the same time though...

Thank you all for the words of really does help...

The Wife O Riley said...

Hey, by the way... You get the award too!!!

You posted on Matt's blog with one friggin' funny comment let me tell ya!

So YES, of corse you get the award too!!!

Unknown said...

Sorry I passed over you! Didn't mean it HONEST!

Becky just reminded me. Your comment had her laughin like crazy!

So by all means, you get the award on MY blog too!

Now get over there and get it before they've all been picked over! LOL!


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