so a couple things didnt get done

Calories burned: 377.2
trip miles: 10.77
ave mph: 21.54

So his testing didnt get done today. I thought it was just a pop into the lab deal and it wasnt, he has to actually call for an appointment in another building. Lord knows if he'll actually do it.

Didnt get the oil changed today either because the wait to have it done was 3.5 hours....

DID manage to get to McKays Used Books and load up on Christmas music for next year. There's one more I ~think~ I saw there that I may go back for in the next day or so. I got a dvd while there too. Bought the movie Mr Deeds. Now generally I cant stand Adam Sandler, but Im discovering Im liking most (not all) of his movies....go figure.

Oh and while we were out, I saw a pretty angel in the window of the Tuesday Morning shop. On our way back to the truck, I popped in to see how much it was. When I picked it up, I noticed how heavy of a piece it is and when I flipped it over for the price tag I saw it was musical too! It's about 10" tall or so and only cost $19.99 (quality of item is in the $30 range EASILY). She's playing a flute and has music notes all over her wings.

I posted another comic in the Home page for those eating modification people in blogland and changed the decor around in here. Im considering a format change on the page as Im likin the look of the 3 column pages but I know me....just means more space to junk up. That's the last thing I want.


Intense Guy said...

I likes the new background!

I likes it... I likes it! Go ahead and call me Mikey.


The Wife O Riley said...

I like the new background, very pretty.

I actually got rid of some stuff when I went to the 3 column layout.

Love the angel too.

ChicagoLady said...

Personally, I like the two column format. For some reason, I feel like I get less room for my actual post if I were to have a column on each side. And you know how much trouble I have just making minor adjustments to what I have now. Can you imagine if I added a third column??? ACK!

That angel is pretty, and a nice price too!

I stopped buying Christmas music, because I have so much as it is, I can't even listen to it all. Oh maybe if I had it playing 24/7, but alas I cannot. And I still have GOBS of cassettes of Christmas music, that I don't even listen to anymore, because does anyone even have cassette players in their cars anymore? LOL

I do like the new background and the banner pic. The snowpeople are cute!

AliceKay said...

I have a cassette player in my car. (and a cd player) My Taurus had just a cassette player so I was still buying cassettes while others were buying cds.

Really pretty angel. Did you buy it for yourself or leave it at the store? I didn't quite figure that out from your post.

I'm a stick in the mud...stick with the old format and the background someone found for me. I like it and it works for me. (or maybe i'm just technically challenged) I like your snowmen banner, too. Really cute.

LadyStyx said...

*renames iggy Mikey*

I actually bought it for myself, Alice. Most decor in my house of that quality were received as gifts from someone else. The metal posts you see on either side of her are the supports for the little shelf that's supposed to go in there. The blue plaid backing is the curtain that's on the window of the room.

Toriz said...

That angel sounds really nice! A great find! :)

Deanna said...

I love the snowmen (who sent Styxie snow?)

Very pretty angel and at a nice price. And a 3 1/2 hour wait to get the oil changed! Holy Moly!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love your angel and the new background too!! Everyone is prettying up their blogs and mine is still the same.....and kinda boring. Oh well.


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