some totals, carolers, thanks

Calories burned: 377.7
trip miles: 10.79
ave mph: 21.58

Totals to date:
Calories burned: 6372.9
total miles for the month: 182.03

To put the total miles into perspective, a trip from my place to Norristown Pennsylvania is only 179.94 miles....Im only 4.29 miles short of a trip from here to Reading Pennsylvania. As for Chicago....that's a 2 MONTH ride.

I suspect that if I HAD really made that trip to iggy's neighborhood, the above scene would have greeted me....OCHA carolers, getting into the holiday spirit! So long as they dont offer me any fruitcake, I'll be happy.

I wanna thank Wifey and her hubby for the awards they were passing out. I have them in my awards entry now. The one on Wifey's page just goes so well with my decor (her's is in my sidebar...the one below is from Matt's page) and Matt's, well the one he's giving out is just too cute!!!

And I got them simply for saying a nasty Scrooge deserved a horse head in her bed! Well, Chicagolady has her connections and I do too. Shoot, I was married to the "mob"...I still have a few connections as well. What color should I put on that order for ya Wifey? A nice roan? Or maybe a Palomino?


The Wife O Riley said...

Ooo.... I think a Palomino would do it.

Deanna said...

Hmmmm remind me to never cross you.... ;)

ChicagoLady said...

You didn't know this already punkn???? Where have you been? LMAO

Toriz said...

I knew there was a reason I wanted to stay on your good side... LOL!

Intense Guy said...

Which horse makes the better glue?

...and I got a much needed laugh at the OCHA carolers... :)

Thanks Styxie - *hugs*


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