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We've had a bit of a cold day today. They're calling for freezing rain and yuck sometime around midnight and going into tomorrrow. Im trying to hurry and get my laundry done tonight so I dont have to mess with it tomorrow.

I got the niece and nephews gifts wrapped up today. Definitely will NOT be using that one company again. Granted the work is good, but the stupid idiots are sending the order out piecemeal. Which reminds me, one piece still hasnt arrived yet so I gotta drop them an irate email later when I go upstairs. Once the pressies were wrapped, hubby and I got the one box that has to be shipped (the one nephew lives in Tennessee so we'll bring with when we go to visit) out and on it's way (another mental note to drop a line to my SIL and let her know it's on its way).

While we were out, we dropped off a big box of clothing at the second hand store. The clothes were all too big for me and Im sure there'll be someone out there that can use them. It'll surely help out the store. Business must be doing well for them because they're doing some remodelling. I look forward to seeing what it looks like afterwards.

I got a bunch more license plate pix while we were out the last couple days. I'll get them loaded to my Photobucket account a bit later. There were quite a few I missed because the camera's simply not fast enough. I did manage, however, to get a few shots of that rest home and the inflato-crap on the lawn. I'll post those tomorrow.

The shot didnt go so well this week. Not at all. It was bad enough that I even took a picture so I can bring it in the next time I get a shot. The reaction was actually much worse than last week. Odd because it was the same damn dosage. It's still itching today and the pink covers all the back of my upper arm and reaches around to near the front. Im gonna see if I have some Benedryl pills and see if that'll help. The nurse had told me before that it shouldnt itch more than 24 hours. I half expect we may have to work on this level for awhile. *sigh*

Today's ride was interesting....very interesting.

Calories burned: 379.5
trip miles: 10.84
ave mph: 21.68

No...that isn't a mistake. The only difference between this ride and yesterday is a tenth of a calorie....LOL!!


The Wife O Riley said...

I'm sorry that it iches so bad, Benedryl should help a little bit, I hope.

AliceKay said...

I've been trying to send you some snow, Styxie, but I think Iggy's been making it go in another direction once it gets near him. *shrugs*

I hope next week's shot reaction isn't as bad as the last two have been for you. *hugs*

Deanna said...

Dang girl! How did you rig the latest ride? lol. It is a shame you have such trouble with those shots. :(

ChicagoLady said...

Wow, I was really hoping this second shot would be better than the first, not worse!

Maybe all the hot air from Washington is affecting your weather and preventing you from getting any significant snow? LOL

Toriz said...

Sorry the shot area is reacting so badly. *Hugs*


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