keeping up

Calories burned: 330.8
trip miles: 9.45
average mph: 18.9

Another cold day. Well not really, it was pushing 50 but the chill from the wind which was travelling around 39 mph most of the day (and we have a warning out that it'll last until 2am or later) made it feel so much colder than it was. I actually had to break out a slightly warmer coat that I really wanted to. Seems Virginia went straight from summer to winter over the last couple days.

Dont feel too much like writing tonight. I'll more than likely have an entry tomorrow evening sometime though.


ChicagoLady said...

Sorry, didn't really mean to send Winter to you so quickly. But I figured it was only fair that I share it with everyone East of me. We got snow flurries yesterday afternoon, so the first blizzard won't be too long in coming, I'm sure.

LadyStyx said...

Shouldnt be long. They're calling for snow showers in the west part of Maryland so either it's gonna just miss us OR come back around and get us later. However, with all the politicians and stuff campaigning.....we've got enough snow and mud already. LOL!!

Deanna said...

lol styxie I'm thinking with all the campaign hot air, snow should melt right off. I'm cold here too. I'm already beginning to wonder if it will ever be warm again and winter isn't even here yet!

AliceKay said...

There's snow in "them thar mountains" of northeastern PA still. :\


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