riding, neighbors from hell, new music and poopie bags

Calories burned: 350.3
trip miles: 10.00
ave mph: 20
total miles so far: 96.31
total calories burned to date: 3371.9

Today's ride courtesy of whatever obnoxious video game the neighbors from hell (yeah...I finally found a set that deserves that title) have been playing. They have the volume up so damn high that I can hear the game on BOTH LEVELS of my townhouse. The noise was particularly annoying while I was in my livingroom (where the bike's located). I think they have their tv right up against our adjoining wall which doesnt help matters. I have a bad feeling that this is how most of the winter will be though because the kids will be indoors most of the time then. God help me if they have a snow day. They must have a game console or something in the one upper bedroom too because yesterday they decided they were gonna play a game (unbelieveably loud) at 9frigginam. It woke me out of a sound sleep. Like I was telling Chicago tonight, it takes something worse than a 4.0-5.0 earthquake to get me out of a sound sleep. I can sleep through alot too...car rides, tv going, washer, dishwasher...it dont matter so it does take alot to rouse me when Im tired. Hubby ended up beating the hell outta the wall to get them to turn it down to a reasonable level. It used to be the noise was every once in a while...but now it's gotten more frequent and louder. I think I've gotten to the point of not being so polite anymore. Im actually considering giving them a big ol taste of their own medicine.. It's worked well with other neighbors that cant be bothered to be courteous....and with rather decent results. I really do hate being rude though, honestly. When I set up our place, anything that was going to make an unreasonable noise was placed on an inner wall wherever possible. The TV couldnt be due to the wiring and such but that's not the neighbor we're having trouble with. I keep the TV down to a reasonable level and use the captions whenever possible. However, Im considering moving my stereo to the outer wall and turning the speakers around so they face the wall.....Im thinking...maybe some Alter Bridge or Ozzy Osbourne will make the point very nicely. Im also reconsidering being kind enough to not vacuum the upstairs after 8pm at night. I think that if I decide that it needs to be done at 3am...then so be it....ooh that carpet DOES need a good steam cleaning too. You know what I'll end up doing though? Contacting our landlords to see who is over that particular unit and then filing a complaint that way....because Im really not *THAT* rude. Maybe I should just start packing now...

Rick Springfield's Christmas With You cd coverLast week my mom sent me an Amazon gift certificate for the floss and my time so I went shopping. I bought myself a couple Christmas cds that I'd been wanting for the last year or so. They came in on Tuesday, so I was able to come home with 3 new cds. YAY! The Christmas albums were both mostly the standard carols and a couple new songs to add to my collection, nothing fancy. One was the Aly & AJ one from a couple years back and the other was Rick Springfield's. Both will be going into the stereo cd changer when the season comes. I cant wait.

While I was taking care of Dharma's needs the other night, I looked down at the baggy of baggies that I use to dispose of her kitty waste in and thought of a certain entry that a darling friend of ours wrote. After washing my hands quite thoroughly, I grabbed my camera and got this shot. Now, although the bags themselves do not have instructions on them...the package they're contained in does. It tells you in 3 different languages (incase the pictures themselves cant manage to convey the message) what exactly the baggies are for. You can also see by the picto-directions that these are indeed made for the left handed person. Thank goodness I have a tendency towards being ambidexterous. Otherwise, I dont think I'd EVER manage to be able to use them!

Oh...and no, I dont let my nose get close enough to the baggies to find out if they actually smell like lemons as pictured on their packaging

....and Im not about to either so dont go there.


Intense Guy said...

Wow! The Pedallin' fool is even smokin' the tires and makin' brake dust now - you keep up and you will be on the front pole when next year's NASCAR season opens in Daytona, Florida - and I can just picture your bike all painted up in white, blue and orange with a yellow doggy sticking his tongue out on the "hood" to show your proud sponsorship by the Van Ness baggy people.

Of course I had to click on the picture of the baggy package to see the enlargement. :) LMAO...

Well the left-handed people in the world are always saying they need left-handed stuff - so its nice to see they got something.

I hope the neighbors "knock it off" and you keep up the great work on the bike - you are doing amazing!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad I live in the country. I'm a light sleeper and it's hard for me to even get to sleep with outside noise going on. Hey, if a cricket or a water drip drives me nuts, just imagine what the music from down the street does to me. :( Good luck with the neighbors and their noise.

Lemon scented, eh? And in 3 languages! LOL. Karen and I looked at a stroller into Kmart last week, and the display sign they had tagged to the front of the seat was in Spanish. In order to read the English side, we had to flip the dang card over and turn our heads sideways..and it was still hard to read cuz it was upside down. :\

Intense Guy said...

Breakin' news... OCHA #4 wants to sponsor the Pedallin' Fool -

The big blue "4" - originally driven by greats Frank Mundy and Bill Rexford and more recently by Mark Martin, Joe Ruttman, Joe Nemechek, Sterling Marlin, and Kevin Lepage will be driven by Lady Styx in 2009!

Deanna said...

Go 4!!! Awesome job on the pedaling!!!!
Sorry to hear about the neighbors from hell. That has to be annoying. I've only lived in an apartment for 3 months. We were on the lower floor. Our upstairs neighbor had a newborn baby. So understandably they were up at night walking the sweet little one to sleep. They sounded like a herd of elephants! Stomp, stomp, stomp all night long. The baby crying never bothered me but 28 years later I can still hear the stomping!

ChicagoLady said...

If it is in fact the kids making the noise, can you go talk to the parents and explain to them that your husband works the night shift and you will be sleeping between hours x and y, and would appreciate them trying to keep the noise down to a dull roar during those hours? Maybe print out some information on hearing loss in kids from playing video games too loud? LOL

Last night my upstairs neighbors were doing laundry when I was going to bed, but fortunately I don't sleep right by the laundry closet.

Cute doggie on the package of Grab Bags. Do your furkids stick their tongues out while they do their business? Are these particular bags safe for cat waste? The bag says they are for dog waste pickup, nothing about cats. LOL

AliceKay said...


Toriz said...

Sorry you've ended up with neighbours from hell.

LOL @ the poopy bags part of the post. I'm not going to comment on that part.... *Moves on to the next blog as quickly as possible*


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