So I get a call

...this morning at 9am. Can you say unhappy camper? It's my darling dearest sweet hubby saying "Wakie wakie". My response? Well it cant exactly be printed in here....LOL. While I was fussing up a storm about being awoken at ~such~ an hour (which is an unGodly hour to me no matter WHAT my bedtime is), he very sweetly tells me to get up and look out the window. What do you suppose I see when I look out the window? This:

Ok actually that was looking out the office window but the show was pretty much the same out the bedroom window as well.

So I put fresh batteries in the camera and waddled as quick as I could down the stairs and headed outside MINUS my coat. You see I simply could NOT wait to get out in it! Nope, couldnt wait at all! Yeah...that's my nasty, ashy, needstobeshavedbadlybutwhothehellhastimetobecausethere'sSNOWoutthere leg and foot adorned in the fuzzy light blue slipper.

Nope, couldnt wait and didnt bother with the gloves either. Definitely a different snow than the lake effect Im used to from NY as this didnt pack nicely at all. It snowed from before 9am (there was a half inch or so on the ground before he called me...he said it was sleeting when he left at 6am) until 130pm or so. Varying flake sizes showed up...sometimes small and grainy and sometimes a bit fluffier. We're supposed to get more tonight. About 90 minutes ago or so it started sleeting again so Im hoping this is the sign more is going to show up tonight. Granted, it aint enough for one of those face first dives that I posted on the home page a while ago, but it's a start.

A few more pix here:

Last 2 rides:

Mon: Calories burned: 369.2, trip miles: 10.54, ave mph: 21.08

Today: Calories burned: 361.6, trip miles: 10.33, ave mph: 20.66

Yeah, I had a slower day BUT I spent 15 minutes shovelling the front walk and the back patio before riding.

So I get an email from my SCSis yesterday (actually several), she had a day in court and the house she'd been in was awarded to her spouse...immediately. So she spent last night grabbing what she could (I'd been telling her for a couple weeks now she should pack, just in case) and getting ready to move. She's supposed to be headed to another location today...wouldnt tell me where in an email because it seems the *censored* managed to get a worm put on her computer and was tracking all her correspondence. No word if the paperwork was all signed or not. I know one of her emails had said she's got a lawyer (something else I'd told her to get done right after she first informed me that the *CENSORED* wanted a divorce) BUT I also see her MySpace page already has her listed as divorced. *shrugz*


ChicagoLady said...

Yayyyyyy snow!!!!!!

So the video thing didn't embed right in blogger, but I watched in photobucket. You should have said something, or done something, I thought you were being held under the cone of silence or something, lol.

The Wife O Riley said...

Woo-Hoo SNOW!!!! (For you that is)

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how we're buried in it, I just can't muster up much enthusiasm. I'm trying for your sake but it's a struggle. :)

LadyStyx said...

LOL Chicago, I was actually listening to a nice instrumental piece....the speakers just werent up loud enough for it to be caught on camera.

Thanks wifey.

LOL & *snortle* @ blueviolet.

Intense Guy said...

Wakie Wakie!!! Its 6:50 AM and you probably got more snow!! Wakie Wakie!!! Wakie Wakie!!!

Toriz said...

Glad you finally got some snow! :)

Hope you get more.

We keep getting snow, but it's so cold it freezes too quickly for us to enjoy it. Besides, it's only a light sprinkling between hail showers! *Sigh*

Karla said...

I'm so glad you finally got the snow you've been wanting :-) Keep it up noth please LOL

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you got some snow, too. (i think you're nuts, but if that's what makes you happy, it's fine by me) :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm happy you're happy! You can have all the snow you want as far as I'm concerned, lol!


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