I did it, I did it...all by myself for the most part!!!

Calories burned: 394.5
trip miles: 11.27
ave mph: 22.54

So we've hit the new year and I had the daunting task of setting this year's spreadsheets up for my rides. I wanted to get them all set so I wasnt having to do the new sheet each month like I did last year. With just a little help from hubby (who showed me the trick to autofilling the dates in an Excel spreadsheet so I didnt have to type each one individually) and a little ingenuity on my part(applying the same trick to the Average MPH column which has formulae in it instead of dates), I managed to get all 12 months done in about an hour or so (as opposed to the many many hours it would have taken me to do each cell separately).

The news is saying we should be getting snow showers tomorrow morning sometime. Bet not enough sticks around to enjoy it. Certainly not enough to dive face first into.

Tomorrow shot day. I'm bringin my camera with a picture of the last reaction on it so the nurse can see how bad it was. I suspect she's gonna back the shots up a few steps because of it. I have no clue why the shots have been giving this kind of reaction....they've been doing fine the last several weeks.


The Wife O Riley said...

I have never been able to master Excel, Good for you!

Good Luck on the shots.

Toriz said...

Excel is a tough programme to figure out. I know how to work it, but it gives me a headache, and I know a lot of people that can't be bothered (not that I blame them). So way to go on figuring it out! :)

Good luck with the shot! *Hugs*

AliceKay said...

I don't know anything about Excel. My old computer didn't have it installed, and we don't use it at the front desk where I work at the mill.

I hope the shot doesn't give you a bad reaction this time around. Good luck with that. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I use Excel every day and its one of the many things I don't Excel at! Give me a "reall database" and I'm happy - so I'm proud of you - you are probably in the top 95th percentile of Excel users now!

And it looks like you had a good ride too - getting your legs back?

Good Luck with the shot - thats a crummy way to start the new year!

ChicagoLady said...

I use Excel every single day at work, lol. It's not that difficult once you know some basics.

Good luck with the shot. I know this must be frustrating, but hopefully, in the end, it will help you live more comfortably.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope your shots go well tomorrow!!!!

And yes, you may have a thousand camel's worth of fleas hun....LOL!


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