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While getting my bookmarks set up (and adding 3 new authors to my blogroll so I can keep track of their American Idol writings), I found one that may be of interest to the fans of Michael Johns and Brooke White. First click this link and then click the second link on the page.

"Here’s a great treat for those of you anxiously awaiting the day until you
can listen to the full tracks from the Shaun White: Don’t Look Down Soundtrack.
One of the tracks titled Life is Okay is actually a Michael Johns - Brooke White
duet! "

It's a very nice song and I cant wait to get my hands on it to be honest. Yeah, that's right, this David Cook fan's giving this song 2 thumbs up.

Calories burned: 371.5
trip miles: 10.61
ave mph: 21.22


ChicagoLady said...

I really liked the song! And I signed up for Doolittle updates so I could get her free d/l.

Deanna said...

Oh how cool. I loved Brooke White Her style was so low keyed refreshing.

Intense Guy said...

I could just watch Brooke for hours and hours... sound or no sound... :)


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