hubby's sick

Calories burned: 380.4
trip miles: 10.86
ave mph: 21.72

Hubby's been sick for about a week now. He *finally* dragged his butt into the drs office after being nagged about it. In fact, my last words to him as he went out the bedroom door this morning were "Doctor, today". What's he say to me? "Im not familiar with that group or the song." Smartarse. Anyhow he came back home around 1015am or so and promptly climbed into bed. From what he said, the nurse fussed him that he should have come in last get it dealt with. Absolutely no sympathy (and a bit of laughter on her part) when he confessed that I'd been nagging him to go in. Even less sympathy (and more laughter) when she realized that he was sitting in the waiting room on FRIDAY afternoon because I was in for my shot. I'd told him even then, he should go and get it looked at since we were already there....did he listen? Ohh Noooo! *insert eyeroll* Turns out that he's got a bad sinus infection. Well at least it's not contagious. Even if it was, I still have those antibiotics the dr issued weeks ago "just in case".

Were under a winter watch here in Manassas. Supposed to be getting some winter-type weather tonight and into tomorrow lasting until Wednesday morning. It's not coming from the north (like so many of my northern friends have been threatening send that snow), but coming from up south through Tennessee. It's highly possible I'll be getting some of what Karla had. Yay! Best part is, although Im stuck with hubby another few days (he started back to work on Sunday), he wont have to drive in any winter mess (Im fairly sure that those in Manassas cant drive in the winter mush).


Queenie Jeannie said...


When will they ever listen?? Yeah I know - never! I hope he feels better soon though, as I suffer with my sinuses all the time and it really, really hurts!

ChicagoLady said...

Hopefully he'll take his medicine like a good boy, and be feeling better soon!

*Wanders off singing Let it snow, let it snow, in Virginia*

The Wife O Riley said...

I hope he feels better soon!

I usually tell Matt that he can find sympathy in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis, but I'm mad at him right now.

Toriz said...

So, is he going to actually take what the doctor gave him?

Hope you get your snow. I got a light dusting... Wish more would come! Why is it that those of us who want it are getting none, but everyone else is getting loads of it? It's not fair!

LOL @ Wifey's comment

AliceKay said...

I hope he feels better soon.

The weatherman said this morning that we're to get 1 to 4 inches of snow starting this afternoon, changing over to a "winter mix" tonight, before changing over to all rain tomorrow. Oh joy.

Karla said...

Hope Rangers feeling better! Sinus infections can develope into pnuemonia if you let them go (yeah I'm as bad as him about not wanting to go to the doctor)

I hope you get your snow Styxie. We had very little snow mostly ice and sleet. Thank God it wasn't too bad to drive in.

Deanna said...

Just like a man! Geeze!
Hope Ranger gets feeling better and that you get the (ugh) snow that you so hope for!

Intense Guy said...

I don't see any sign of snow here... soemthing tells me the snowbunny aint gonna be too pleased.

Hope Ranger feels better really soon - it really sucks not feeling well on your time off - it makes you feel twice as bad.


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