some bad news and the creative moose wanders around unsupervised

I got a letter from mom and daddy this morning stating that their ability to do any travelling this year is more than likely going to be nixed. This really kind of sucks for them because they have gotten to where they go to Indiana once a year to visit with my brother, his wife and their kids. The reason why their plans are pretty much shot is because of this:

Mom's been working for them for several years. Thankfully, there should be some semblance of a severance check...but we all know that the money doesnt last all that long and she aint exactly a spring chicken. Let me rephrase that, it's going to be a trifle more difficult for her to find a job as she'll be turning 59 in August and has no more than a high school diploma (she became a housewife right after graduation). She and I are alot alike, all we know is retail.

In answer to the Grand Pooba's question in the last entry, yes, that is where the new title came from. I'd been thinking for weeks that this blog needed a different title and had been looking for something that sounded just right. I pulled up lyrics to all my favortie songs, and scoured the motivational/ inspirational quote sites, finding nothing that captured my attention. Then, while my mind was on something else entirely (namely a quote that Chicago and I saw on a t-shirt last night that I thought would just work for what I wanted), the creative moose gnawed through her lead, kicked down the stall door and commensed to singing show tunes. She wasnt singing just any show tune either...oh no. She pulled up one from my choir and theater past....that particular song from Pippin. Mind you, I hadnt thought of that musical in years.... Anyhow, it seems to match my mood lately.

Now to come up for snappy titles for the other 5 blogs on this account.....

today's ride:
Calories burned: 373.3
trip miles: 10.66
ave mph: 21.32


AliceKay said...

Best of luck to your mom. She sounds resourceful, so hopefully she'll find another job when the time is right. You just never know. *hugs*

Grand Pooba said...

LOL! Those creative moose can come outta no where! I love the new name btw.

Hope your mom finds a new job! Good luck to her!

Karla said...

Seems like it's getting bad all over. *sigh* I hope your mom finds a job. Before I hurt my back I couldn't get a job with all my experience..I was in my late 40's then and they always seemed to hire a 20 something for the job *double sigh*

Intense Guy said...

I hope your mom finds something nice. You never know, it might even lead to somethign more fun and enjoyable - change doesn't always have to be a downside.

Toriz said...

Good luck to your Mom... Hope she finds something she enjoys doing. :)

Those creative mooses are strange creatures... Sometimes you can wait and wait for them and they just stand in their stalls with blank looks on their faces. Other times they're all running free and you can't keep up with them all!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Prayers for your Mom! This economy is just drowning so many good people.

I like the new blog name!!

ChicagoLady said...

I wish your mom either keeping her job and Gottschalks staying open, or that she's able to find another job soon. Unfortunately, until the economy recovers, it will be very difficult for anyone who's unemployed to find a job.


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