Dont ya just LOVE the timing on things?

Tori: A bear and a porcupine are sitting on a log, talking.
Bear: (pointing off frame) Check it out! What kind of dog is that?
Porcupine: Chow.
Bear: Of course it's chow, you idiot! What kind of chow?
Porcupine: Hmm... He's kind of portly... I'm guessing he's high in trans fat.

I guess the next question would be whether he'll be served in a bowl or on a plate... ~grinz~


Intense Guy said...

Oh, you silly... you definitely serve a chow his dinner of kibble in a bowl... although this one might need diet kibble.

Toriz said...


Anonymous said...

:) I like it!

ChicagoLady said...

Neither, it's preferred very very rare!


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