silly husbands pt 2

So...Thursday night, our conversation goes like this:

H: (asked because I must have a full meal in my belly before my shot) Where do you want to go to breakfast tomorrow morning?

M: I dunno, havent thought that far ahead, ask me tomorrow morning.

At this point, I see the lightbulb go on over his head and smell the smoke and just KNOW what he's thinking because it's the same damn thing I'd do.

M: And I dont mean the minute you hear an obnoxious bodily function NOR when you hear the pills rattling because Im taking them NOR when I blow my nose. I mean after all that AND my feet (with or without slippers) have actually touched the floor.

Sad I felt the need to qualify that to him.

So...Friday morning, I sit up and go through the morning ritual. He hears me and comes into the bedroom....squats down, passes a hand UNDER MY FEET (I got short legs so when I sit on the edge of the bed, my feet dangle) and says:

H: Nope, feet havent touched the ground yet.

Then he starts to walk out of the room. *laffz* I told him then and there he better expect that his silly self was going to make it in my blog *again*.

Friday's shot went ...well it went. Because of the reaction last week (more than a quarter sized swelling with itching lasting around 18 hrs), we had to take another step back. Im getting sick of this, I should be done with the build up shots by now but my body's fighting it every step of the way. I brought up the weight issue again but Im guessing Im just not wording it correctly because I keep getting the "it shouldnt be because we have all sizes patients getting these shots" comments. *sigh* *Leaves it in HIS Hands*

Anyhow, while I was there, I got on the scale again. If you recall, last week I was bummed because the weight was up about 4 pounds from the last official weighing. This week the difference has been cut in half. Considering I eat before my shot AND I still had the sneakers on AND well that other stuff I mentioned last time ...this is pretty good. I should be just about down to where I was in a week or two. I have another dietitian appointment at the end of the month. I know I wont have nearly the weight loss, but with the trip away from home, Im hoping for a little leniency in this matter (especially since I at least ATTEMPTED to make smart choices while there). I doubt I'll get it though because I was supposed to be adding more veggies and fiber and I really havent done more than I had been doing other than tracking the best I can the amount of fiber I've been taking in. Im ~supposed~ to be taking in about 25-35 grams a day but most days I can account for only 20 or so. I know how much is going in my tea, how much is in the bread, how much is in my tv dinners and cereal, but when it gets to how much is in the apple and banana I eat...that's another matter. I was allowed the occasional 100 cal snack but I only allowed myself 1 splurge all month. Pretty good considering Im a sweets fiend and normally have a goodie daily (not to mention ALWAYS buying dessert when we go out to supper). I even had told her that I wasnt giving up my nightly cocoa as I found a low cal one to substituted for the full sugar one I HAD been drinking. Do you think I've gotten into that cocoa yet? Nope.

Two friends talking as they leave a Slimming Class and the one says to the other...I cant believe it- I am SO proud of myself! When she told me I'd put on three pounds, I never swore once! Calories burned: 316.4
Trip miles: 9.04
ave mph: 18.08

A bit slow but I'm not 100% for a couple of reasons, one being that I spent part of the night clearing my throat. I half expect that Im coming down with whatever hubby's been fighting off (he's had it at least twice now). Although Im not feeling 100%, I still managed to get on the bike AND put it up to the next tension level.


AliceKay said...

cute comic. LOL

Hang in there....your body will get there. It's just taking a little more time than you'd like. *hugs*

Toriz said...

LMAO @ your hubby! Sounds like something mine would do. ;)

Hang in there, you're body will give in eventually. *Hugs*

Hope you don't end up too sick! Those nasty viruses and flu bugs have been making the rounds big time lately! :(

Anonymous said...

Stopping over from Queenie Jeannies to say hi! Love this background!

ChicagoLady said...

LMAO @ hubby! Smart man!!! (Did I just say that????)

Don't worry if your ride wasn't the best ever, at least you rode! And if you're coming down with something, it's probably best not to push yourself anyway.

I'll have to look, I know there's at least one website out there to tell you what's in everything.

ChicagoLady said...

Check out Calorie King, it will tell you what's in just about anything.


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