mish mosh

Calories burned: 382.00
trip miles: 10.91
ave mph: 21.82

I meant to get the pictures pulled off my camera today, but hubby decided the minute he heard me doing my morning routine to prepare to get out of bed (namely yawn, make those unspeakable bodily noises that some people do and get into my medicine which is on my bedside table) that he was going to come into the bedroom and harrass me. *shakes head* Morning people, I swear! First thing out of his mouth wasn't, " good morning hun" or anything like that. Ohhhh no! "Do you wanna go to breakfast at the buffet and then to McKays?" Mind you, my feet hadn't even hit the floor yet. Have I mentioned I don't do well first thing in the morning?

So we got up, got dress and headed out the door for the morning. I didn't bother to pack the camera as we were just headed around the corner and everyone here's seen the neighborhood OCHAs so why bother? UGH! I wish I'd packed it. In the time of parking, getting out of the truck and getting back INTO the truck...I saw 10 plates and one that was very site worthy. *sigh* Just my luck.

We got back home around 11am or so and I haven't been upstairs yet. I just didn't see the sense in going upstairs just to have to come back down again to ride. So, I've spent the day downstairs reading blogs and adding some new ones to my daily reads.

I think I've decided to switch around the dining area tomorrow. I'll be moving the stereo to the wall adjoining the "Problem Children" and loading in some opera or classical... While I'm moving things around, I need to weed in the 16 or so cds I've acquired over the last several months into the music shelves. It's beginning to look like I'm going to need a bigger shelving unit soon. Better yet, maybe I should start listening to every cd and weeding out the ones I really don't want anymore.


ChicagoLady said...

So what will you do with the cd's you don't really want anymore?

I stayed inside all day cause of the snow. Did you happen to notice it was snowing here? All day? LOL

Deanna said...

All I have is old CD's. The group has to be pretty darn special for me to buy a new CD. It seems every time I buy one, it is an old one anyhoo.

LadyStyx said...

Chicago: Take 'em to McKay's for trade in credit to go towards cds, movies or books that I AM interested in now. Then again, I may decide to keep them all.... *shrugz*

*Refers Chicago to wifey's entry on the snow for the answer to the second part of her (Chicago's) comment*

Punkn: I've gotten a bit pickier now that I don't stream. There are a few from a couple years back that I've listened to maybe once that really don't need to be taking up space. Some in there that I used to listen to that, well let's just say my taste in music changed slightly. Then again, those might be the perfect cds for the player when the neighbors play that obnoxious game again....

Toriz said...

That'll burn some extra calories... Changing the room about I mean. :)

Shan G said...

I do the same thing. I love to change things up. And I have CD's i haven't listened to in years, but I can't part with them.

I left you something n my blog, please come pick it up.

Maki said...

Hey, I know you don't like meme and games and such. But do you like awards?

I gave you an award, but if it fits in your dislike category, don't worry. And if you accept it, that's great too!

Intense Guy said...

Nothing like a little "early winter" cleaning and dusting. :)

I've got a foot tall stack of vinyl LPs...can you trade them in?


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