are you sitting?

Calories burned: 398.0
trip miles: 11.37
ave mph: 22.74

The BEST ride to date.

Totals after 15 days:
Calories burned: 5457
trip miles: 155.9
ave mph: 20.78

Today was the last day on tension level 2. Tomorrow I raise it at least a half, if not a full, step forward. address a couple of comments that came up in previous entries. My husband had actually been thinking along the lines of ya'll....that I should do the same thing as iggy had been doing with his virtual walks. However, I know me very very well...I should, I've had to live with myself for a good 39 years+ now. I am one that likes to start projects and then the minute they begin to feel like "I have to" instead of "I want to", I drop them. A hobby no longer feels like a hobby when it begins to be more like work. As such, I have no plans at this time to do any virtual tours of any kind. However, if there is someone out there that would like to take the figures Im putting in my daily blog and use it towards a project like that or towards some kind of story (read: you're bored to high heavens and need something to do), then please feel free to do so.


Intense Guy said...

Go! Styxie Gooooooooooo!

What is the tension setting range on your bike? The way you are going you are going to be notching it up and up and up...


I feel badly about the virtual walker guy... he keeps calling in but I've been letting the answering machine get it. I've nearly caught up all the "lost miles" from when I had to back off due to the shoulder. Perhaps I should just re-start the walk or something.

Queenie Jeannie said...

WOW WOW WOW!! I'm so impressed!

MarmiteToasty said...

Cos I cant as yet use me bike, either me stationary one or me proper mountain bike cos I dont have enough bend....... and I hate not being fit anymore.... Im turning into a blob and its frustrating...... today someone on freecycle was giving away a one year old airwalker which cost them $100 a year ago, no knee bending on this baby, so I asked for it LOL she only lives around the corner from me, she replied to me request and said out of the 70 wanters she would like me to have it :) I pick it up tomorrow.... Im mega chufted....... my goal is to oneday be able to get back on me bike, but for now, this will at least give me back a bit of fittness.....

WELL DONE YOU THOUGH..... Im wellabit impressed....


ChicagoLady said...

Wooo Hoooo Styxie!

*Does the Elmo dance for you*

Ok, that took every last bit of energy I had, lol.

I agree, if you try to do more than what you want to do, it will feel like a chore and then it won't get done. Better to just keep going as you are, keep racking up those miles, and your readers can imagine for themselves where you've been (if they want to).

Toriz said...

Way to go Styxie! :)

I'd be the same way... If I started doing the virtual walker thingy I'd get bored of it after a couple of weeks, because it would start feeling like a chore so I wouldn't want to do it any more. Not that I'm walking much at the moment... But it's because I'm not allowed to do much while I heal from the op.


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