a painful ride and some fun plates

Calories burned: 325.9
trip miles: 9.31
ave mph: 18.62

I'm so disappointed in myself. Will I beat myself up about this? Nope. Notta chance. Why? Because earlier today I was vacuuming the bedroom, and hubby was holding the mattress and boxspring off the frame up so I could get underneath (mostly because the damned dog likes to rip up tissues and the cat strews the shreds everywhere). While standing under the mattress vacuuming, I felt a twinge in my lower back and almost dropped to the floor. I've had a heating patch on my back ever since. I decided an hour or so ago that I'd see if I was well enough to pedal anyhow, I mean after all it was my back and I'd be seated in a semi-reclined position right? So I started off slow, just in case....a ways into the ride I kicked up a little because it felt ok. Next thing I know, I have some pain so I back off a bit. I started feeling better a bit later and kick it in again and *bam* some pain. So basically, I'm really kinda lucky I got the ride in at all tonight. On the plus side, even with this problem tonight...I still was going faster than the first night on tension level 2...which is good.

Today while we were out (I had to go and get bloodwork done again), I saw a few license plates we could have fun with. Unfortunately, I was unarmed and had to make due with a pen and paper....

HURL GRL (and she's proud of this?)
TWNS & 3 (that explains the minivan it was on....gotta team in the making there)
BUSY B4 (this one was on one of those newer VW Beetles....in bright yellow and bee decor)

and my absolute favorite...I wish it was on our car:


Word is that we may actually get some snow showers tonight too. I hope they're not teasing...


Toriz said...

Great plates... I love that last one!

Hope you do get your snow, and that your back eases up soon. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

That was a cool collection of licence plates!

The guy next door at the office has one that says:


...they go to Long Beach Island for a couple weeks each summer.

I hope your back is okay - winces at the idea of you biking anyway - and good luck with the allergy shot (if its today, your schedule change left me confused!)

...Patience grasshopper... There will be snow enough, soon enough... LOL.

MarmiteToasty said...

Are you sure you aint done ya back in by jumping on that mattress with your man? LOL


Jess said...

That's odd, I would have expected vanity plates to be quite a raity and difficult to spot!
I really hope your back gets better soon, you're doing amazingly well! xx

Deanna said...

Way to go... mess that back up why don'tcha... I do hope the pain eases up and you are able to continue riding. You are doing so amazingly well!

Yep, that was a cool collection of license plates.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope your back feels better soon! I hurt mine a couple of weeks ago and it's killer. Your back is sorta important, lol!

ChicagoLady said...

Now I understand the "trade your cold for my back" comment, lol.

I hope it feels better soon!

It sure was cold enough here for snow. We had snow flurries on and off all weekend. Today's high was a balmy 32F. Brrrrrr

Is it spring yet?

ChicagoLady said...

Oh yes, almost forgot...I got my Cookie tonight!!!!!!!!!!


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