trees and vanity plates

Calories burned: 374.2
trip miles: 10.69
ave mph: 21.38

As we were heading out the last couple days, running me to the drs and doing our errands, I took notice of some of the trees around. A great many have lost the beautiful colored leaves and stand pretty much bare to the sky. Yesterday, this particular tree grabbed my attention. For what reason, I have no clue. I just found it really beautiful in it's starkness against the blue sky. A couple of the neighbors were out and about and Im sure that they think Im some weird bird for aiming my camera up to shoot this. With any luck, none of them have been by this Blogspot and noticed that one entry on quirks....then they'd KNOW I am weird.

While we were out, I saw several of those vanity plates. We seem to have alot of them around here. With the exception of that one I posted before, I rarely see the same one more than once. This week, I saw one that made me hungry though.... it said CZBGR. Gosh...just typing that gives me the munchies. I pretty much have decided to keep a notebook in my purse and start writing some of these plates down because they are just so fun to try and figure out. So...what does CZBGR make you think of?

EDIT: Nov 13th @ 6:37am. I'd like to wish Tori a very Happy Birthday!! Im doing it now because Im headed into bed in a few and by the time I get up, get going, get my ride in, get supper in my belly and actually write a blog entry for the day.....well, it'll be her tomorrow and I dont wanna be late sending her good wishes for the day!!

EDIT #2: 3:27pm. Reuploaded picture so it should click larger now. I forgot that if it gets moved around alot after being uploaded that it gets finicky.


ChicagoLady said...

Probably better to be aiming at a dormant tree than some square green boxy alien, lmao. A lot of the trees here are now bare, after the two days of steady rain and the wind from yesterday. Only the really stubborn trees still have leaves.

I know we have a lot of vanity plates here too, I just don't get the chance to focus on them so much, because my eyes are on the road. So unless it's the car in front of me, I can't really pay much attention to them.

When my aunt was a kid, her family would look at license plates, just the regular ones, and try to make sentences where the words start with each letter that's on the plate. And to make it more interesting, they would use sexual terms wherever and whenever possible. They have very dirty minds, lol.

If I saw CZBGR on a licens plate, I'd probably think of a cheeseburger too.

HorribleLicensePlates said...

You may possibly like my blog if you like license plates...

AliceKay said...

Nice contrasting picture. I clicked on it to see it better, but it wouldn't let me click. :(

Dorkys Ramos said...

The reminds me of the disgusting offer Mickey D's has going on: two triple cheeseburgers for $3...yech!

Intense Guy said...

I read this late last night and this morning on the way to work found myself in a line of cars - the one in front of me had a plate that said, TYN MMRH, so I played ChicagoLady's aunt's game -

And oh my - I'll not say what I thought up.

Cheese Burger! Pepsi! Cheese Burger! (remember that on SNL?)

Deanna said...

LOL Iggy, didn't that sketch date back to the late 70's? We have vanity plates on our vehicles. Mine says Buggy (I drive a VW of course) and Jim's says SHEPRD.

Jess said...

CZBGR? Cheeseburger? Zzzzzzgrrrrrr - Maybe the someone makes when they sleep?

LadyStyx said...

Hmmmm late 70's...cant say that I've seen it. Then again I was born in the last half of '69 and havent watched any of the sketches from back then.

Thanks for the invite HLP, I'll be over in a few to check it out (assuming that page will ever load for me!!)

Intense Guy said...

The tree picture is really nice. I'm sure the neighbors, instead of thinking you are some weird bird for aiming your camera up to shoot this picture, think they need new glasses because they couldn't see the weird bird you were photographing. Or at least we can hope so.

AliceKay said...

Thanks for re-uploading the pic....looks great now. :)

Toriz said...

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. :)


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