a day's "rest" really helps

Calories burned: 389.0
trip miles: 11.11
ave mph: 22.22

*collapses in exhaustion*


Intense Guy said...


Go Styxie Go!!!!!

*notes LadyStyx take on four tires, make a trackbar adjustment, take a can of Sunoco Race Fuel will pitting under the yellow*

AliceKay said...

You should do a virtual biking thing like Iggy does with his virtual walking. You'd get pretty far with the speed and distance you're going on that bike. :)

ChicagoLady said...

I've already told her, with the speed she's going at, she'll overtake the virtual walker before we know it, lol.

Awesome job today! You definitely deserve a rest after that.

Deanna said...

lol at the exhaust picture. You go girl!


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