today's ride

Calories burned: 363.1
trip miles: 10.37
ave mph: 20.74

Ok...Im thoroughly pissed. I had a huge long entry done from the laptop downstairs and all I had to do was add the proper coding up stairs for the links I had and *just* LOST the entry I spent 2 hours on. I quit for tonight. I may do it tomorrow, I may not. Dont care at this fk it.


Toriz said...

I hate when that happens! *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

Oh that's the pits. I've found blogger autosave seems to work - and sometimes I do up entries in MicroSoft Word first so I have a spell and grammar-checker but am sorry youse lost your entry.


AliceKay said...


ChicagoLady said...

I hate it when blogger gets tempermental on us! Does it not realize how hard some of us work on our entries? I hope you found it...HUGS

LadyStyx said...

Oh the auto save worked iggy...just a little too well!!! *I* made a mistake because I was monkeying around with the coding to tweak the entry (I didnt have the codes in the downstairs computer to do it as I wrote it)and hit backspace not realizing that it took much more than just the little bit that needed removing until too late and of course the autosave chose RIGHT THEN to do what it does....losing me a good 2/3 of what I'd worked hard at writing. Im not sure who Im more pissed at right now. All I knew is I didnt feel like retyping everything at that point especially since I had taken such care at wording things "just right". *sigh* I'll have to remember to copy everything over to a Word doc before tweaking and then move it back to Blogger when Im done. *snorts*


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