Calories burned: 361.2
trip miles: 10.32
ave mph: 20.64

Just a nice leisurely ride today.... lol.

Ok so while I was making my second pass through the blogs yesterday, I came across Wife o Riley's entry: http://wifeoriley.blogspot.com/2008/11/some-call-it-crazyi-call-it-quirkyyou.html and knowing my quirks, I figured it would just be easier to put them in here. I could have put them in there but they really can be numerous and depending on the situation at had, sometimes the quirks have their own quirks..or is it the quirks are modified? Did that make sense? Probably not. Ah Well. Anyhow, here's a good deals of my quirks and their exceptions/modifications/or whatever. You'll notice many are food based, most unfortunately. If you've already read these before, then just skip onto the next blog...it's ok...I dont mind...*sobs softly feeling neglected* LOL

01) Whenever possible while eating, I eat in even numbers. Cookies, crackers, candies....french fries, wings... There are many exceptions to this rule though.
A) If it's a full size candy bar, I'll eat only the one.....fun-sizes must be in even numbers.
B) M&Ms and Skittles (or anything else with many colors) must be separated by color and eaten (in pairs naturally) by least favorite color to most favorite color.

1 Exception....Skittles and flavored candies are eaten not just by color but by flavor, least favor first.

C) Fruits and veggies are eaten with the same rules above. Ears of corn, just 1....corn niblets, even numbers. Same with meats....steak just 1, wings or chicken nuggets in even numbers. Ice cubes dont even escape this...well at home at least. Nothing I can do about drinks in restaurants.

All odd numbers are given either to hubby or the dog (kitty doesnt really enjoy alot of human food so it's a waste)....except candies...those go to just hubby.

02) No matter where we are, whether it be home or a motel or someone's house, I must sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom due to the possiblity of nighttime trips. As I get older, these trips are sometimes a bit more frequent than I'd care to have.

03) No matter where we are, whether it be home or a motel or someone's house, I must sleep on the side of the bed farthest from the air conditioning unit (any fan in the room cannot be simed directly on me while Im sleeping either) because I tend to come down sick.
A) Exception to rules 02 & 03: In the case of the ac unit/fan being on the same side of the room as the bathroom, rule number 03 supercedes rule 02. I'd much rather have to take an extra few steps to the bathroom than to be more miserable than usual the next day.

04) I have a certain pattern to my day (stop laughing at me iggy) and if I dont follow this pattern....my whole day feels thrown off and I feel rushed. Tuesdays have been particularly trying for me as I've had to get my mind set for a new scheduling. Now, I dont have to do anything at a specific TIME...just in a set order.

05) When I've had a bad day, I crave mint chocolate chip icecream. It's the only time I really really want it. Any other time, I could care less if it's available or not.

06) I have season specific cravings in the line of sweets. Halloween is the only time I want candy corn, peppermint sticks are Christmas, etc etc

07) I ~LOVE~ to color. You stick a coloring book and crayons (or colored pencils) in front of me and Im pretty much all over it (how'd my SIL put it? Oh yeah) like white on rice.

08) When I am tired, I'll fall asleep. It doesnt matter where or when it is....car, office, livingroom...sitting up, lying on the floor (which used to be a common spot for me while watching tv), etc. Mom always said that I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat...any hat...stetson, party hat, beenie ...etc.

09) I sleep, for the most part, on one side of the bed. Even if I have a whole big bed to myself...I always sleep on one edge.

10) I still fold clothes the way my mom taught me to...even if it doesnt quite fit where it has to go. It's one of the reasons why I never did well working in the domestics department of any given store, because I simply couldnt learn how to fold the stuff in the department the way specified in the the company standards.

11) I still collect stuffed animals.

12) I still love animated features (cartoons) and comics.

13) I speak almost fluently in cat. Each cat has his/her own voice and I usually can mimick them well enough to get them to come over and meow back.

14) I dont get along with too many people my own age. I generally get along better with people a little bit older than me.

Im sure there's many more, however I just finished riding a little bit ago and my brain simply isnt working correctly right now.


ChicagoLady said...

Since your brain wasn't working correctly, I won't point out the typos, lmao.

Man are you ever OCD!!!! How do you count niblets? Slowly? Carfully? Do you count them as you spoon them from the pan/bowl to your plate? Or do you count them by moving from one side of your plate to the other? What do you do in restaurants? What if they give you an odd number? "Hunny, have this one kernel of corn, I can't eat it."

I will never consider myself strange again, lmao!

LadyStyx said...

Good idea not to....I'll edit in a few.

As for the kernels, I kinda eyeball to see I have an even number on each forkful. Odd number and I usually am "too full" to get at that last bite ;).

ChicagoLady said...

Oh good, you're not insanely strange about your corn then, lol.

Maki said...

OMG, this post is so funny and interesting!!! Some stuff I can totally relate AND # 13) totally cracked me up!! I love cats and that's so great that you can speak almost fluent in cat.

That's awesome!!!!

Intense Guy said...

When I stop laughing I'll leave a comment. :)

Eating habits are often quirky. Yours is just... toeing the line (with a very big toe) into Eating Disorder, but you describe it sooooo well!

The side of the bed thing is.. my goodness. Does the hubby carry a tape rule and a checklist or does he just stand there and wait for your mental computer to pick a side?

*Hugs* If ya didn't have these quirks, you'd be a dull(er) person and we love ya 'cause of them (not dispite of 'em).

Jess said...

That's um, quite a list.
I think you should challenge yourself to try changing some traits - for example, what happens if you eat something not in an odd number? It might be fun to find out...
The cat thing sounds soo cool! I can never get cute animals to come over so I can pet them!

The Wife O Riley said...

Definitely quirky, but FUN!!!! I would love to eat dinner with you one day.

PS I didn't put this one down but I count letters in words on my fingers and use different finger until I get an even number. It doesn't make sense the way I explain it.

MarmiteToasty said...

As crazy as a march hare, yep, nodding me head lol


Deanna said...

Oh dear. You really count food? As I read the quirks, it has occurred to me that at least you are in touch with your quirks. I started seeing some quirks of my own that I didn't even realize were quirks... Hmmmmmmmm
Cool post.

Toriz said...

*Decides to do this on my own blog later*


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