riding a bike means smaller clothing!

Calories burned: 367.6
trip miles: 10.5
ave mph: 21.00

Spent a good part of the day downstairs today. Hubby told me a few days ago that he was expecting a shipment that would be coming via UPS and that it would be delivered today sometime between noon and 5pm.

So while I was waiting, I went back through the box of clothes for donation that's been sitting on the dining room table. Back in August (?), a friend of a friend had been going through her closet and weeding out the stuff that no longer fit her (she'd had that gastric bypass surgery) so my friend figured that maybe I could use the clothes that werent needed any longer. I had originally gone through the box and found several pieces that would fit but a good many did not. Many pieces were those that are the "I need to lose 5-10 pounds to wear comfortably" kinds of clothes and some were simply "I dont likes". Since it didnt think at the time I was going to be losing any weight, I'd simply put them back into the box to send to the second hand store once I'd gone through my own closet. It's been sorta warm up until last week or so, so I hadnt gone through my own wardrobe yet and because I hadnt....well that box has been sitting on the table. Today going through, I found several pieces that would fit now and a few pieces that I had already put in there because they were too small ,were pulled back out. There were 3 pairs of pants in there that are a good 2 sizes too small, but with the rate Im going I may just be into them come late spring or early summer so I figured I'd better just save them. Yeah...they're ~nice~ jeans!

If Im feeling better tomorrow, I plan on doing some of the weeding. I need to go through some of the stuff I bought in January as Im sure there may be a few items that are simply too big now. Not sure if I should even bother keeping some of the stuff Im wearing now as it's likely that none of it will fit by next spring or summer....especially the shorts as they were getting baggy before I went to the dietician....

So yesterday I got a call from the doctor's office. Seems that the bloodwork I went in for this week had a glitch. The medicine Im on has elevated one of the counts in my liver. The obgyn had suspected it would do this though and I had been forwarned about it. She wants me to stay on it and retest my blood in 4 weeks time. If there's still a glitch, she and my dr will get together and figure out what we need to do. Thankfully, they're in the same building so all I need to do is drop an email to both and wait on their decision.

I think that's about it for now....I wanna take one last cruise through the blogs before shutting down for the night. My luck , 8 more cropped up while my back was turned....at least that's what happened this afternoon while I was reading. Just when I got caught up, 2 more showed up. LOL


The Wife O Riley said...

Congrats on the new wardrob!!! I have an award for you!!

ChicagoLady said...

Finding clothes that didn't fit you before, but fit you now is always a treat! Keep up the good work, I know you'll LOVE wearing those jeans in a few months.

Intense Guy said...

You got another delivery coming your way today - It snowed here and we got a couple inches on the ground.

Soon, you will new ski bunny outfit in order to have one that fits! Go Styxie Go!

Toriz said...

Congrats on losing enough enough weight to get in to some of those clothes. Keep up the good work! :)

AliceKay said...

You're doing great, Styxie. *hugs*


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